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There are 9 meanings of the word Arch.

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Arch - as a noun

A curved shape in the vertical plane that spans an opening

A curved bony structure supporting or enclosing organs (especially the inner sides of the feet)

Hypernyms (Closely Related)
skeletal structure
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

A passageway under a curved masonry construction

Example: "They built a triumphal arch to memorialize their victory"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Arch - as an adjective satellite

(used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Naughtily or annoyingly playful

Example: "Teasing and worrying with impish laughter"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Arch - as a verb

Form an arch or curve

Example: "Her back arches"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Arch - as an adjective

Knowing, clever, mischievous.

Example: "I attempted to hide my emotions, but an arch remark escaped my lips."

Principal; primary.

Example: "They were arch enemies."

Example Sentences

"The architect designed a beautiful arch for the entrance of the building."
"The hikers passed under an ancient stone arch on their way to the summit."
"The rainbow formed a perfect arch across the sky."
"The arch of her eyebrows showed her surprise."
"The gymnast executed a flawless back arch in her routine."
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Word Game Points

Is ARCH a valid Scrabble word?
Yes, arch is valid for both Scrabble US and EU
US/CA Valid UK/EU Valid

ARCH has a SCRABBLE points total of 9.

Is ARCH a valid Words With Friends word?
Yes, arch is valid for Words With Friends
Valid Word
ARCH has a WORDS WITH FRIENDS points total of 9.

Is ARCH a valid WordFeud word?
Yes, arch is valid for WordFeud
Valid Word
ARCH has a WORDFEUD points total of 10.

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