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The Guardian Quick Answers - Tuesday, 24th June 2008

There are 13 across clues and 13 down clues for the The Guardian Quick crossword on Tuesday, 24th June 2008. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Bird of prey
AAcross 4: Type of acid derived from vinegar
AAcross 8: Film or programme broadcast again
AAcross 9: Weird
AAcross 10: Gaffe
AAcross 11: Sewn or pressed fold
AAcross 12: Weatherglass
AAcross 17: Arm joint
AAcross 19: Largest planet in our solar system
AAcross 21: Portable container for hot coals
AAcross 22: Ledge on which to stand items
AAcross 23: Abate
AAcross 24: Part of church used as an office
DDown 1: Make thinner
DDown 2: Trouble
DDown 3: Accept responsibility
DDown 5: Aircraft pilot's compartment
DDown 6: Slight colouring
DDown 7: Wild canine
DDown 9: Constellation containing the Plough
DDown 13: Untanned skin
DDown 14: Withdraw from battle
DDown 15: Spoken
DDown 16: Cunning
DDown 18: Alloy of copper and zinc
DDown 20: Watery adhesive
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