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New York Times Answers - Wednesday, 10th July 2024

There are 37 across clues and 37 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Wednesday, 10th July 2024. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Warts and allASIS
AAcross 5: Drug that's "dropped"
AAcross 8: Baking abbr.TSP
AAcross 11: Long, easy stride
AAcross 12: Formally reject
AAcross 13: Many stuffed cat toys
AAcross 14: Like much Cajun chicken
AAcross 16: Literature Nobelist born in French Algeria
AAcross 17: Sprinkle in
AAcross 18: Like a quarter moon tide
AAcross 19: Most reserved
AAcross 20: Thought-provoking
AAcross 22: Tuscan red wines
AAcross 24: Take in, as a breath
AAcross 25: Hoosegow
AAcross 26: Some whiskeys
AAcross 27: React like a startled horseREARUP
AAcross 28: Scottish "John"IAN
AAcross 31: What memories are recounted in
AAcross 33: "Cum On Feel the Noize" band, 1973
AAcross 35: Rx writersMDS
AAcross 36: Food, informally
AAcross 37: Caught some congersEELED
AAcross 38: Wound stinger
AAcross 39: In the manner of
AAcross 39: In the manner of
AAcross 40: Hard patterns to break ... or a punny description of the climbs up the circled lettersVICIOUSCYCLES
AAcross 46: "Tony n' ___ Wedding" (Off Broadway hit)TINAS
AAcross 47: Mourned a death, in JudaismSATSHIVA
AAcross 48: Three-week bike race, such as the one featured in this puzzle
AAcross 50: Fire remnant
AAcross 51: Dug up
AAcross 52: Fraction of a joule
AAcross 53: Brings in
AAcross 54: Hot ___ (winter quaff)
AAcross 55: How to become a whole new hue
AAcross 56: Little twerp
DDown 1: Duchess of ___ (Goya subject)
DDown 2: "You've convinced me!"
DDown 3: Device identifier, in computingIPADDRESS
DDown 4: Moment, informally
DDown 5: Singer/activist Horne
DDown 6: Aerobic exercise optionSTEPCLASS
DDown 7: Pentagon org.
DDown 8: Segment of this puzzle's raceTIMETRIAL
DDown 9: "Pardon me," in PisaSCUSI
DDown 10: Nuisances
DDown 12: Prez's proxy
DDown 13: Where many Penobscot and Passamaquoddy live
DDown 15: Didn't just think
DDown 16: Typical ending point for this puzzle's race
DDown 19: Actor LiuSIMU
DDown 21: 90 degrees, say
DDown 23: Member of the genus Lepus
DDown 24: Group of two
DDown 25: MailedSENTTO
DDown 26: Rotation meas.
DDown 27: One eschewing rose-tinted glasses
DDown 29: Summer refresher
DDown 30: Composer Rorem
DDown 32: Box filled with bags
DDown 34: Cloris ___, Emmy-winning actress on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"LEACHMAN
DDown 38: Went against the Word
DDown 39: Facade
DDown 40: Food item, quaintly
DDown 41: Loan shark's "business"
DDown 42: Base boss, informally
DDown 43: Book in a bibliotecaLIBRO
DDown 44: Occasion
DDown 45: ___-CoV-2 (virus that causes Covid-19)
DDown 46: Group of three
DDown 48: Clock-setting standard: Abbr.
DDown 49: British ref.
DDown 49: British ref.
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