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New York Times Answers - Wednesday, 3rd April 2024

There are 39 across clues and 36 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Wednesday, 3rd April 2024. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Lot unit
AAcross 5: ___ acid, essential component of vinegar
AAcross 11: Piece of an edible "rack"
AAcross 14: Things hung upside down in some toolsheds
AAcross 15: House of cards?
AAcross 16: Animal opposite a kangaroo on Australia's coat of arms
AAcross 17: Lip_on produc_sINSTANTTEAS
AAcross 19: Traveler's aid, in brief
AAcross 20: Stately country homes
AAcross 21: Traveler's aid
AAcross 23: Do some work as a teaching assistant, maybe
AAcross 24: About half of the books of the New Testament are attributed to him
AAcross 26: Ho-ho-holiday time?
AAcross 27: Auto takeback
AAcross 28: _lum-colored _lantsPURPLEPEAS
AAcross 30: Longtime residents around the Great Salt Lake
AAcross 31: Lean (on)
AAcross 32: "Count your ___ by friends, not years" (greeting card sentiment)
AAcross 33: Recuperative recommendation
AAcross 33: Recuperative recommendation
AAcross 35: Company that merged with Sprint in 2020TMOBILE
AAcross 39: Granola grain
AAcross 40: Nincompoop, in Nottingham
AAcross 41: Thanksgiving meal choice
AAcross 42: _usy _uzzers
AAcross 46: "Around the World in 80 Days" traveler PhileasFOGG
AAcross 47: Crushed ingredient in "dirt cake"
AAcross 48: Lacking manners
AAcross 49: VCR successorsTIVOS
AAcross 50: Aids in wrongdoing
AAcross 52: Brews made with heavily roasted maltDARKALES
AAcross 54: Hit hard
AAcross 55: Fr_endly fac_al tra_tSMILINGEYES
AAcross 58: Paternity proof, in brief
AAcross 59: Christianity's ___ Creed
AAcross 60: Big name in bidetsTOTO
AAcross 61: String together?
AAcross 62: Demolition hammer
AAcross 63: Figure (out)
DDown 1: Poke menu option
DDown 2: Second-most-used substance in the world, after water
DDown 3: Gave a new form
DDown 4: Nueva York, por ejemploESTADO
DDown 5: Cutaneous condition
DDown 6: Onetime threat to a castle's walls
DDown 7: Chesapeake Bay is one
DDown 8: Evens, as the scoreTIESUP
DDown 9: Celebrity chef GartenINA
DDown 10: La ___ NostraCOSA
DDown 11: Fix, as a sneaker's sole
DDown 12: Savanna grazer
DDown 13: Clears the dishes
DDown 18: Cleared the dishes?
DDown 22: Like laid-back personalities
DDown 23: Chow
DDown 25: Relatives of vicuñas and guanacos
DDown 28: Bug
DDown 29: Showbiz award quadfectaEGOT
DDown 31: Not fantastic
DDown 34: Metal worker?
DDown 35: Annual growth indicatorTREERING
DDown 36: Valentine lineILOVEYOU
DDown 37: Purchases that are assembled brick by brickLEGOSETS
DDown 38: Animal crackers?
DDown 40: Powered a unicycle, e.g.
DDown 42: Medical licensing exams
DDown 43: Debonair
DDown 44: Granny, in Southern dialectMEEMAW
DDown 45: Anheuser-Busch product whose ads once featured a penguinBUDICE
DDown 46: Choice cuts
DDown 49: Spot for a bar code, maybe
DDown 51: IDs with multiple hyphensSSNS
DDown 53: A proposal might be done on one
DDown 56: 1,000 G's
DDown 57: Message communicated as "short-short-short, long-long-long, short-short-short"
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