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New York Times Answers - Friday, 23rd September 2022

There are 34 across clues and 40 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Friday, 23rd September 2022. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Jargon
AAcross 6: Symbol of Hawaii
AAcross 10: Cry from a doll
AAcross 14: Setting for "Life of Pi"
AAcross 15: What makes juice expensive?ENERGYTAX
AAcross 17: Strength
AAcross 18: Ethnocentric lens critiqued by Toni MorrisonWHITEGAZE
AAcross 19: Makes plans for the future?
AAcross 21: Some sculptures and sexts
AAcross 22: Breakaway groups
AAcross 23: Not to be trusted
AAcross 26: Agent, informally
AAcross 27: Limbo prerequisite
AAcross 28: Neopronoun with a nod to folklore
AAcross 31: Something not to look after?
AAcross 33: Pisces, but not AquariusWATERSIGN
AAcross 37: Washer dryer?
AAcross 38: Capitalizes on
AAcross 39: Rapper Megan Thee Stallion ___ Tina Snow
AAcross 39: Rapper Megan Thee Stallion ___ Tina Snow
AAcross 40: It's often drawn with three ellipses
AAcross 41: Overcome decision fatigue
AAcross 42: British weight
AAcross 43: Gives an edge
AAcross 46: ___ Beer Hall (Tokyo landmark)ASAHI
AAcross 49: Question to an indecisive petINOROUT
AAcross 51: Record skip?NOCOMMENT
AAcross 55: Sought help from during a crisisRANTO
AAcross 56: "Knew that was coming"THEREITIS
AAcross 57: Sympathetic assuranceICARE
AAcross 58: Alphabetize, e.g.
AAcross 59: Tyne with six EmmysDALY
AAcross 60: Book that becomes a synonym for "Finally!" when "t" is added to the end
DDown 1: Like old-fashioned sound reproductionLOFI
DDown 2: Legends
DDown 3: Cheek or backbone
DDown 4: Pretend to know the host, say
DDown 4: Pretend to know the host, say
DDown 5: Not in bounds?ONESTEPATATIME
DDown 6: Chops
DDown 7: Granite State sch.UNH
DDown 8: Symbol of Hawaii
DDown 9: Graffiti, e.g.
DDown 10: "Bro!"MYGUY
DDown 11: Ever so slightlyATAD
DDown 12: Robotics club challenge
DDown 13: Chops
DDown 16: Joy that might come from being aligned in one's bodyGENDEREUPHORIA
DDown 20: Recipe abbr.TSP
DDown 23: "Please, can you just not"SPAREME
DDown 24: Place that distributes things in tiny bottles
DDown 25: ___ Hardison, Aldis Hodge's character on "Leverage"
DDown 28: V
DDown 29: Characteristics that rarely change in cartoons
DDown 30: Wind up
DDown 31: Bit of whistle-blowing, maybe
DDown 32: "___ bien"ESTA
DDown 33: Champions' cryWEWON
DDown 34: Movie whose sequel was subtitled "Back in the Habit"SISTERACT
DDown 35: Aid in getting a job in marketing, in brief
DDown 36: Attend
DDown 41: Be accountable for
DDown 42: Current issue?
DDown 44: Like the Navajo language
DDown 45: Ancient Hindu text
DDown 46: ___ climbing a tree (Sichuan noodle dish)
DDown 47: N.Y.C. neighborhood near Little Italy
DDown 48: Multinational hardware and electronics brand
DDown 49: Really teenyITSY
DDown 50: They're separated at some salons
DDown 52: Prefix with week or wife
DDown 53: "When are you getting here?"
DDown 54: Bagel
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