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New York Times Answers - Monday, 1st April 2013

There are 34 across clues and 43 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Monday, 1st April 2013. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Fool
AAcross 5: Classic record labelDECCA
AAcross 10: Fool
AAcross 14: Sotto ___ (under one's breath)VOCE
AAcross 15: Mideast potentate: Var.
AAcross 16: The "A" in Thomas A. EdisonALVA
AAcross 17: Not odd
AAcross 18: Fool
AAcross 20: Permit
AAcross 21: Area including China, Korea and JapanEASTASIA
AAcross 22: Fool
AAcross 24: Facial cover in a Dumas novelIRONMASK
AAcross 28: Many an Albrecht Dürer piece of art
AAcross 31: ___ LamaDALAI
AAcross 32: Having a fixed fee, as a calling planONERATE
AAcross 36: Terminus
AAcross 37: Fool
AAcross 41: New England catch
AAcross 41: New England catch
AAcross 42: Tooth next to a canine
AAcross 43: Death notices, informally
AAcross 46: New Jersey city on the west side of the George Washington BridgeFORTLEE
AAcross 50: Like the Cyrillic and Hebrew alphabetsNONROMAN
AAcross 54: Fool
AAcross 55: TetheredONALEASH
AAcross 58: Watchdog's warningGRR
AAcross 59: Fool
AAcross 62: Grand party
AAcross 63: Sound of delightOOOH
AAcross 64: Comic Jack of old radio and TV
AAcross 65: Just ___ (slightly)ATAD
AAcross 66: Fool
AAcross 67: Donkeys
AAcross 68: Fool
DDown 1: Gracefully slender
DDown 2: Like C.I.A. operations
DDown 3: ___ acid (vinegar component)
DDown 4: Fraternity members, e.g.
DDown 5: 1910s-'20s art movement
DDown 6: Relatives of ostriches
DDown 7: Prefix meaning one-hundredthCENTI
DDown 8: Shingle wood
DDown 9: "You ___ Beautiful"ARESO
DDown 10: Grand ___ (vacation island near Florida)BAHAMA
DDown 11: "Bravo!" to a torero
DDown 12: Eggs in labs
DDown 13: Misbehaving
DDown 19: Watermelon covering
DDown 21: Barely making, with "out"
DDown 23: China's ___ En-lai
DDown 25: Actor Guinness
DDown 26: Sent to the ocean floor
DDown 27: Fool
DDown 29: Classic soda brandNEHI
DDown 30: :-), in an e-mail
DDown 33: Nelson Mandela's org.ANC
DDown 34: End-of-workweek cryTGIF
DDown 35: "Happy Motoring" gas brandESSO
DDown 37: Timber wolf
DDown 38: Score after deuceADIN
DDown 39: Caver's light source, maybe
DDown 40: Straight: PrefixORTH
DDown 41: Fool
DDown 44: Throat lozenge
DDown 45: Pic of an unborn childSONO
DDown 47: Smoothly, in music
DDown 48: Winter hat part
DDown 49: Online investor's siteETRADE
DDown 51: Venomous African snake
DDown 52: Suisse peaksALPES
DDown 53: Ad lights
DDown 56: Top-of-the-line
DDown 57: 1974 Gould/Sutherland C.I.A. spoofSPYS
DDown 59: Auction assent
DDown 60: Note of indebtedness
DDown 61: Queue before QNOP
DDown 62: ___ about (wander)
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