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New York Times Answers - Wednesday, 27th February 2008

There are 35 across clues and 41 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Wednesday, 27th February 2008. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Bankruptcy causes
AAcross 6: Part of "snafu"
AAcross 9: Invite forASKTO
AAcross 14: ___ easeILLAT
AAcross 15: Water temperature tester
AAcross 16: Ending with farm or home
AAcross 17: Make tracks
AAcross 19: "Survivor" team
AAcross 20: Mead study locale
AAcross 21: Chips that one might "muncha buncha"FRITOS
AAcross 22: Hotel offerings: Abbr.RMS
AAcross 24: Sources of ready cash
AAcross 27: Cassidy portrayer of TV and filmBOYD
AAcross 29: ___ a one
AAcross 30: "Born Free" felineELSA
AAcross 31: Words of willingnessIWOULD
AAcross 34: Defaulter's loss
AAcross 36: Members of this can be found in the centers of 17-, 24-, 51- and 60-Across
AAcross 41: Flash drive filler
AAcross 42: ___ lion, beast slain by Hercules in his first laborNEMEAN
AAcross 44: Dept. of Labor branch
AAcross 48: Movie theater candy
AAcross 50: Directional lead-inOMNI
AAcross 51: Turkey insert
AAcross 55: AuthorizesOKS
AAcross 56: T. Boone Pickens, for one
AAcross 57: With full force
AAcross 59: I, historicallyONEAD
AAcross 60: Got by (on)
AAcross 64: McEnroe rival
AAcross 65: Bud
AAcross 66: Calls for
AAcross 67: Pundit's piece
AAcross 68: Knock out
AAcross 69: It helps raise dough
DDown 1: Talk trash about
DDown 2: Lodge member
DDown 3: "Gesundheit!"BLESSYOU
DDown 4: "Look what I did!"TADA
DDown 5: Notary's item
DDown 6: Time to crowATDAWN
DDown 7: "That's funny!," in an e-mailLOL
DDown 8: Antietam leader
DDown 9: Nolan Ryan, for yearsASTRO
DDown 10: Its symbol is X
DDown 11: Harvey of "The Piano"KEITEL
DDown 12: Marchers' drums
DDown 13: Black Sea port
DDown 18: Beyond paramedic aid, in brief
DDown 21: Short order cook's utensil
DDown 22: One of four in a grand slam: Abbr.
DDown 23: Cut close
DDown 25: Add a soundtrack to, perhaps
DDown 26: Concise, in CannesBREF
DDown 28: Vietnam's Le ___ ThoDUC
DDown 32: Foreign law deg.
DDown 33: Absolutely accurate
DDown 35: Cockney's abodeOME
DDown 37: Bit to split
DDown 38: Chat room shorthand
DDown 39: Sore throat sootherLEMONTEA
DDown 40: Pull suddenly
DDown 43: "___ for Noose" (Sue Grafton book)
DDown 44: Best Actor nominee for "Venus," 2006
DDown 45: Has star power
DDown 46: Mt. St. ___HELENS
DDown 47: Loser of 1588
DDown 49: Unlikely to lose it
DDown 52: One way to be in love
DDown 53: Ambulance letters
DDown 54: Befitting of umbrellas
DDown 58: "Understood"ISEE
DDown 60: Rest spot
DDown 61: Motor City grp.UAW
DDown 62: Masthead figs.
DDown 63: Period after springing forward: Abbr.DST
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