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New York Times Answers - Thursday, 31st December 1998

There are 37 across clues and 39 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Thursday, 31st December 1998. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Actress GaynorMITZI
AAcross 6: "___ la vista, baby!"
AAcross 11: Serpent's sound
AAcross 14: Flareup of crime?
AAcross 15: Dizzying pictures
AAcross 16: Goon
AAcross 17: Watch a shaky Japanese money market?SEEYENWAVER
AAcross 19: Passing assistance?
AAcross 20: Lean and lovely
AAcross 21: With 33-Down, 1978 Nobel Prize recipientANWAR
AAcross 23: Cold war foe
AAcross 26: Contemptuous looks
AAcross 27: Unblocks
AAcross 28: Librarygoer
AAcross 30: ___ d'oeuvre
AAcross 31: Fictional hero first filmed in 1920
AAcross 32: N.Y. winter hrs.
AAcross 35: Not straight
AAcross 36: What each of today's four long answers is vis-à-vis New Year's Eve
AAcross 38: The Seine is full of it
AAcross 39: Pitches
AAcross 40: Words for actors
AAcross 41: Briefs, briefly
AAcross 42: Band on a limb
AAcross 44: Run in the raw
AAcross 46: Dessert not for the diet-conscious
AAcross 48: Popular magazine since 1926
AAcross 49: Off drugs
AAcross 50: Jean of "Bombshell"
AAcross 52: Get one past
AAcross 53: This little poem or that?ANYWEEVERSE
AAcross 58: Kitten's cry
AAcross 59: Lighthouse sites
AAcross 60: Fall away
AAcross 61: Prefix with Columbian
AAcross 62: Forfeits fur
AAcross 63: Actress Danning of "Hercules"
DDown 1: Women with shavers
DDown 2: It makes one hot
DDown 3: Mao ___-tungTSE
DDown 4: Asian grasses popular on lawns
DDown 5: "Well!"INEVER
DDown 6: Bays
DDown 7: Pit-___ (heart sound)APAT
DDown 8: Reliever's triumph
DDown 9: Three for SophiaTRE
DDown 10: Haphazardly
DDown 11: Call off the debt?SAYWEREEVEN
DDown 12: Headhunter's equipment
DDown 13: J. C. Penney rival
DDown 18: Takes home
DDown 22: Wedding notice word
DDown 23: Pronunciation symbol
DDown 24: Prayer openingOLORD
DDown 25: Sheep with all its marbles?VERYSANEEWE
DDown 26: She played Darlene on "Roseanne"SARA
DDown 28: Writer's reference
DDown 29: Does the wrong thing
DDown 31: Author GreyZANE
DDown 33: See 21-Across
DDown 34: Wild boar features
DDown 36: Astronomical data providers
DDown 37: Bank-washer in Cairo
DDown 41: Suds source
DDown 43: Cereal box infoRDA
DDown 44: Shopaholic's delight
DDown 45: Pirates' stashes
DDown 46: Rogue
DDown 47: Cause of a nasty gut feeling?
DDown 48: Basketball tactic
DDown 50: Hoopla
DDown 51: Starstruck
DDown 54: Down-home turndown
DDown 55: Rip off
DDown 56: Star Wars lettersSDI
DDown 57: Electrifying swimmer
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