9 Letter Words That Start With 'L'

Find all the 9-letter words in the English language that start with L.

There are 409 9-letter words that begin with L.
There are 0 9-letter abbreviations that begin with L.
There are 170 9-letter phrases that begin with L.
Labelling12 Labetalol11 Labialise11 Labialize20 Laborious11 Labourers11 Labouring12 Labrocyte16 Labyrinth17 Lacerated12 Lachrymal19 Laciniate11 Lacquered21 Lactating12 Lactation11 Lactifuge15 Ladybirds16 Ladyships18 Laevulose12 Lagniappe14 Lagomorph17 Lakefront16 Lakeshore16 Lallation9 Lambasted14 Lambswool16 Lamenting12 Lamestain11 Laminated12 Laminates11 Laminator11 Laminitis11 Lampblack21 Lamphouse16 Lamplight17 Lampooned14 Lampooner13 Lampposts15 Lampshade17 Lampshell16 Lancelike15 Lancewood15 Lancinate11 Landforms15 Landgrave14 Landlines10 Landlords11 Landmarks16 Landowner13 Landrover13 Landscape14 Landslide11 Landslips12 Landwards14 Langouste10 Languages11 Languidly14 Lankiness13 Lanthanon12 Lanthanum14 Lapidator12 Lap-strake15 Lap-streak15 Larcenist11 Larcenous11 Largeness10 Larghetto13 Larvacean14 Larvacide15 Larvicide15 Laryngeal13 Lassitude10 Last-ditch15 Lastingly13 Last-place13 Latecomer13 Lateen-rig10 Latencies11 Laterally12 Laticifer14 Latitudes10 Latter-day13 Lattimore11 Laudatory13 Laughable15 Laughably18 Launchers14 Launching15 Launchpad17 Laundered11 Laundress10 Laundries10 Laurelled10 Lavaliere12 Lavishing16 Lawlessly15 Lawmakers18 Law-makers18 Lawmaking19 Lawnmower17 Lawrences14 Laxatives19 Layabouts14 Layperson14 Lazarette18 Lazaretto18 Lazybones23 Leadplant12 Leafiness12 Leaf-miner14 Leafstalk16 Leakiness13 Leakproof18 Learnable11 Learnedly13 Leaseback17 Leasehold13 Lease-lend10 Leastways15 Leastwise12 Leathered13 Leavening13 Lecherous14 Lecturers11 Lecturing12 Leechlike18 Leeringly13 Leftfield16 Leftovers15 Leftwards16 Legalised11 Legendary14 Legionary13 Legislate10 Leiomyoma16 Leisurely12 Leitmotif14 Leitmotiv14 Lemniscus13 Lemonlike15 Lemonwood15 Lemon-wood15 Lend-lease10 Lengthens13 Lengthier13 Lengthily16 Leniently12 Lentiform14 Leptotene11 Lespedeza21 Lessening10 Lethality15 Lethargic15 Letterbox18 Lettering10 Letterman11 Leucaemia13 Leucocyte16 Leucothoe14 Leucotomy16 Leukaemia15 Leukocyte18 Leukotomy18 Levantine12 Levelling13 Leveraged14 Leviathan15 Levitated13 Levitates12 Levitical14 Lexically21 Liability14 Libations11 Libelling12 Libellous11 Liberally14 Liberated12 Liberates11 Liberator11 Liberians11 Liberties11 Libertine11 Libidinal12 Librarian11 Libraries11 Libration11 Licensees11 Licensing12 Licitness11 Lickerish18 Lieberman13 Lifeblood15 Lifeboats14 Lifeforms17 Lifeguard14 Lifelines12 Life-of-man17 Liferafts15 Lifesaver15 Lifesized22 Life-sized22 Lifespans14 Lifestyle15 Life-style15 Lifetimes14 Ligaments12 Ligatured11 Ligatures10 Light-blue15 Lightbulb17 Light-duty17 Lightened14 Lightings14 Lightless13 Lightness13 Lightning14 Lightship18 Lightsome15 Lights-out13 Lightwood17 Light-year16 Likeliest13 Lilac-blue13 Lilac-pink17 Lilangeni10 Liliopsid12 Lilywhite18 Lily-white18 Limbering14 Limelight15 Limericks17 Limestone11 Limewater14 Limitedly15 Limitless11 Limnology15 Limousine11 Limpidity17 Lineament11 Linearise9 Linearity12 Linearize18 Lineation9 Lingberry15 Lingering11 Lingually13 Linguists10 Lingulate10 Liniments11 Lintwhite15 Lionesses9 Lipectomy18 Lipidemia14 Lipidosis12 Liposomes13 Lip-shaped17 Lipsticks17 Liquefied22 Liquidate19 Liquidise19 Liquidity22 Liquidize28 Liquified22 Liquorice20 Liquorish21 Lispingly15 Listeners9 Listening10 Literally12 Literatim11 Litheness12 Lithesome14 Lithiasis12 Lithology16 Lithotomy17 Litigants10 Litigator10 Litigious10 Litterbin11 Litterbug12 Littering10 Liturgics12 Liturgies10 Liturgist10 Liveliest12 Liverleaf15 Liverwort15 Liveryman17 Livestock18 Lividness13 Loadstone10 Loanblend12 Loan-blend12 Loanwords13 Loathsome14 Lobbyists16 Lobectomy18 Lobscouse13 Localised12 Localises11 Localized21 Locatable13 Locations11 Locksmith20 Locomotor13 Lodestone10 Lodgement13 Loftiness12 Logarithm15 Logginess11 Logically15 Logicians12 Logistics12 Logograph16 Logomachy20 Logomania12 Logorrhea13 Loincloth14 Loiterers9 Loitering10 Lollipops13 Lomustine11 Loneliest9 Long-armed13 Longbeard13 Long-beard13 Longboard13 Long-chain15 Long-dated12 Longed-for14 Longevity16 Longfaced16 Long-faced16 Longicorn12 Longingly14 Longitude11 Long-jawed21 Longlived14 Long-lived14 Long-range11 Lookalike17 Look-alike17 Loopholes14 Looseleaf12 Looseness9 Loosening10 Loquacity23 Lorazepam22 Lordships15 Lorgnette10 Lorryload13 Lotteries9 Lotusland10 Loudmouth15 Loup-garou12 Lousiness9 Lovebirds15 Loveliest12 Loverlike16 Love-token16 Low-backed21 Lowbrowed18 Low-budget16 Lowercase14 Lowermost14 Lowliness12 Low-necked19 Low-priced17 Loxodrome19 Loyalists12 Loyalties12 Lubricant13 Lubricate13 Lubricity16 Lucidness12 Luciferin14 Lucifugal15 Luckiness15 Lucrative14 Lucubrate13 Ludicrous12 Lullabies11 Lumbering14 Lumberman15 Luminance13 Luminesce13 Lumpiness13 Luncheons14 Lunchpack22 Lunchroom16 Lunchtime16 Lung-power15 Lunisolar9 Luridness10 Lustfully15 Lustiness9 Luxuriant16 Luxuriate16 Luxurious16 Lymphatic21 Lymphomas21 Lymphuria19 Lyonnaise12 Lypressin14 Lyrically17 Lyricists14 Lysinemia14 Lysogenic15 Lysosomes14
Labor Camp Labor Pain Labor Pool Ladies' Man Lady's Leek Lady's Maid Lady Tulip Lager Beer Laid Paper Lake Poets Lamb Curry Lamb Roast Lamper Eel Lamp House Lamp Shade Lamp Shell Land Agent Land Cress Land Grant Larch Tree Lark About Laser Beam Last Laugh Last Rites Last Straw Laugh Away Laugh Line Launch Pad Laurel Oak Law Degree Lawn Chair Lawn Mower Lawn Party Law School Layer Cake Lay Eyes On Lay Figure Lay Reader Lay To Rest Lazy Susan Lead Colic Lead Glass Lead Plant Lead Sheet Lead Story Leaf Blade Leaf Miner Leaf Mould Leaf Shape Lech After Leech Onto Left Brain Left Field Left Stage Legal Code Legal Duty Leger Line Leg Of Lamb Lemon Balm Lemon Curd Lemon Drop Lemon Lily Lemon Mint Lemon Peel Lemon Rind Lemon Sole Lemon Tree Lemon Zest Lens Cover Lens Maker Leper Lily Lesser Ape Letter Box Level Best Lever Hang Lever Lock Lie Around Liege Lord Lie In Wait Life Class Life Cycle Life Force Life Story Life Style Light Beam Light Beer Light Bulb Light Diet Lighten Up Light Hour Light Show Light Time Light Unit Light Upon Light Year Like A Shot Like Crazy Like Kings Lime Juice Line Block Line Coach Line Drive Line Judge Line Of Gab Line Score Line Storm Lion's Foot Lip Reader Liquid Air List Price Litchi Nut Little Auk Little Owl Little Toe Live Birth Liver Spot Live Steam Loaf Sugar Loan Shark Lobed Leaf Local Call Local Road Local Time Locust Pod Logic Bomb Logic Gate Long Chain Long Dozen Long Horse Long Johns Long Pants Long Plane Long Since Long Whist Look After Looking At Look Out On Look Sharp Loose Smut Lose Track Loss Ratio Lost Cause Lotus Land Lotus Tree Loud Pedal Lounge Car Love Apple Love Child Love Feast Love Grass Love Lyric Love Match Love Story Loving Cup Low Comedy Lower Deck Lower Rank Low Relief Low Status Lug Wrench Lump Sugar Lunar Year Lunch Meat Lust After Lye Hominy Lyme Grass Lymph Cell Lymph Node Lyre Snake Lyric Poem