6 Letter Words That Start With 'L'

Find all the 6-letter words in the English language that start with L.

There are 481 6-letter words that begin with L.
There are 0 6-letter abbreviations that begin with L.
There are 34 6-letter phrases that begin with L.
Top Scoring 6 Letter Words That Start With L
Rank Word Length Scrabble WWF WordFeud
1 Lxxxiv 6 30 32 18
2 Lxxxvi 6 30 32 18
3 Lxxxii 6 27 28 15
4 Lxxvii 6 23 25 15
5 Lxxiii 6 20 21 12
6 Lazily 6 18 19 18
7 Lummox 6 17 21 14
8 Lizard 6 16 17 16
9 Logjam 6 16 21 19
10 Luxury 6 16 18 14
Laager7 Labels8 Labial8 Labile8 Labium10 Labors8 Labour8 Laches11 Lacier8 Lacing9 Lacked13 Lackey15 Lactic10 Lacuna8 Ladder8 Laddie8 La-di-da8 Ladies7 Lading8 Ladino7 Ladled8 Ladles7 Ladner7 Ladson7 Laelia6 Lagend8 Lagers7 Lagged9 Lagger8 Lagoon7 Laguna7 Lagune7 Lairds7 Lambda11 Lambie10 Lamedh12 Lamely11 Lament8 Lamest8 Lamina8 Lamour8 Lanate6 Lanced9 Lancer8 Lances8 Lancet8 Landau7 Landed8 Lander7 Landis7 Langan7 Langel7 Langer7 Langur7 Lansat6 Lanseh9 Lanset6 Lanugo7 Lapdog10 Lapels8 Lapful11 Lapped11 Lappet10 Lappin10 Lapsed9 Lapses8 Laptop10 Larded8 Larder7 Larger7 Lariat6 Larned7 Larose6 Larrup8 Larvae9 Larval9 Larynx16 Lascar8 Lasers6 Lashed10 Lasher9 Lashes9 Lash-up11 Lasing7 Lassen6 Lasses6 Lassie6 Lasted7 Lastly9 Lateen6 Lately9 Latent6 Latest6 Latham11 Lathan9 Lathee9 Lather9 Lathes9 Latino6 Latins6 Latish9 Latria6 Latten6 Latter6 Latvia9 Lauded8 Lauder7 Laughs10 Launce8 Launch11 Laurel6 Lavabo11 Lavage10 Lavish12 Lawful12 Lawing10 Lawman11 Lawmen11 Lawyer12 Laxity16 Laybys14 Layers9 Laying10 Layman11 Laymen11 Layoff15 Layout9 Lazier15 Lazily18 Lazing16 Lazuli15 Leaded8 Leaden7 Leader7 Lead-in7 Leafed10 League7 Leahey12 Leaked11 Leaker10 Leakin10 Leamer8 Leaned7 Leaner6 Lean-to6 Leaped9 Leaper8 Learns6 Learnt6 Leased7 Leaser6 Leases6 Leaved10 Leaven9 Leaver9 Leaves9 Lebrun8 Lecher11 Lechwe14 Lectin8 Lector8 Ledger8 Ledges8 Leered7 Leeway12 Legacy12 Legate7 Legato7 Legend8 Legged9 Leging8 Legion7 Legman9 Legume9 Leipoa8 Leiser6 Lekvar13 Lemmas10 Lemons8 Lemony11 Lemurs8 Lender7 Lengel7 Lenger7 Length10 Lenify12 Lenity9 Lennox13 Lenses6 Lenten6 Lentic8 Lentil6 Lepers8 Leptin8 Lepton8 Lesion6 Lessee6 Lessen6 Lesser6 Lesson6 Lessor6 Lethal9 Letter6 Levant9 Levees9 Levels9 Levers9 Levied10 Levies9 Levity12 Lewdly13 Lexeme15 Lexuss13 Leyden10 Liable8 Liaise6 Liason6 Libber10 Libbey13 Libels8 Libero8 Libido9 Libyan11 Libyas11 Lichee11 Lichen11 Lichis11 Licked13 Licker12 Lidded9 Lieder7 Liefer9 Lienal6 Lifers9 Lifted10 Lifter9 Lifton9 Ligand8 Ligate7 Ligget8 Lights10 Lignin7 Lignum9 Ligule7 Likely13 Likens10 Liking11 Likuta10 Lilacs8 Lilian6 Lilies6 Lilyan9 Limbed11 Limber10 Limbic12 Limbus10 Limeys11 Liming9 Limits8 Limmer10 Limner8 Limped11 Limper10 Limpet10 Limpid11 Limply13 Linage7 Linden7 Lineal6 Linear6 Linens6 Liners6 Lineup8 Lingam9 Linger7 Lingua7 Lining7 Linked11 Linker10 Linkup12 Linnet6 Lintel6 Linton6 Lionet6 Lipase8 Lipide9 Lipids9 Lipoid9 Lipoma10 Lipped11 Lipper10 Liquid16 Liquor15 Lisbon8 Lisman8 Lisped9 Lisper8 Lissom8 Listed7 Listen6 Lister6 Litany9 Litchi11 Liters6 Lithic11 Litmus8 Litres6 Litten6 Litter6 Little6 Livedo10 Lively12 Livens9 Livers9 Livery12 Living10 Lizard16 Llamas8 Loaded8 Loader7 Loafed10 Loafer9 Loaned7 Loaner6 Loanin6 Loathe9 Loaves9 Lobate8 Lobbed11 Lobbys13 Lobule8 Locale8 Locals8 Locate8 Lochia11 Locked13 Locker12 Locket12 Lockup14 Locule8 Locust8 Lodged9 Lodger8 Lodges8 Lofted10 Logged9 Logger8 Loggia8 Loggin8 Logics9 Logion7 Logjam16 Logoff13 Loiter6 Loligo7 Lolita6 Lolled7 Lollop8 Loment8 London7 Lonely9 Loners6 Longan7 Longed8 Longer7 Longyi10 Lontar6 Loofah12 Looked11 Looker10 Lookin10 Lookup12 Loomed9 Looney9 Loonie6 Looped9 Looper8 Loosed7 Loosen6 Looser6 Looses6 Looted7 Looter6 Loping9 Lopped11 Lopper10 Loquat15 Lordly10 Lorica8 Losers6 Losing7 Losses6 Lotion6 Lotter6 Louche11 Louden7 Louder7 Loudly10 Lounge7 Louvar9 Louver9 Louvre9 Lovage10 Lovely12 Lovers9 Loving10 Lowboy14 Low-cal11 Low-cut11 Lowell9 Lowers9 Lowest9 Lowing10 Lowish12 Lowkey16 Low-key16 Lowset9 Low-set9 Luanda7 Lubber10 Lucent8 Lucite8 Lucius8 Lucken12 Ludden8 Lugers7 Lugged9 Lugger8 Luging8 Lugosi7 Luigis7 Lulled7 Lumbar10 Lumber10 Lumbus10 Lumina8 Lummox17 Lumped11 Lumpen10 Lumper10 Lunacy11 Lunate6 Lunged8 Lungen7 Lunger7 Lunges7 Lungin7 Lungyi10 Lunula6 Lunule6 Lupine8 Lupins8 Luring7 Lurked11 Lurker10 Lurkin10 Lusaka10 Lusher9 Lusted7 Luster6 Lustre6 Luteal6 Lutein6 Luther9 Luting7 Lutist6 Luxate13 Luxury16 Lxviii16 Lxxiii20 Lxxvii23 Lxxxii27 Lxxxiv30 Lxxxvi30 Lyceum13 Lychee14 Lynxes16 Lyrate9 Lyrics11 Lyrist9 Lysine9
Lac Dye Lace Up Lac Wax Laid Up Land Up Lay Off Lay Out Lead On Lead Up Lean On Let Fly Let Off Let Out Lie Low Lift Up Line Up Ling Ko Link Up Lip Off Live In Live On Load Up Lock In Lock Up Log Off Log Out Look At Look On Look To Look Up Lop Off Lose It Low Key Luck It