5 Letter Words That Start With 'A'

Find all the 5-letter words in the English language that start with A.

There are 377 5-letter words that begin with A.
There are 2 5-letter abbreviations that begin with A.
There are 18 5-letter phrases that begin with A.
Top Scoring 5 Letter Words That Start With A
Rank Word Length Scrabble WWF WordFeud
1 Abuzz 5 25 27 27
2 Affix 5 18 18 14
3 Aztec 5 16 17 17
4 Azoic 5 16 17 17
5 Amaze 5 16 17 16
6 Azide 5 15 15 15
7 Admix 5 15 16 11
8 Agaze 5 15 16 16
9 Ataxy 5 15 14 11
10 Azido 5 15 15 15
A-line5 A-list5 A-okay12 A-team7 Aalii5 Aaron5 Abaca9 Aback13 Abaft10 Abamp11 Abase7 Abash10 Abate7 Abaya10 Abbey12 Abbot9 Abeam9 Abele7 Abets7 Abhor10 Abide8 Abies7 Abled8 Abler7 Ables7 Abode8 Abohm12 Abomb11 Abort7 About7 Above10 Abuse7 Abuzz25 Abysm12 Abyss10 Accra9 Acerb9 Acers7 Ached11 Aches10 Acids8 Ackee11 Acned8 Acold8 Acorn7 Acres7 Acrid8 Acted8 Actin7 Actor7 Acute7 Ad-lib8 Adage7 Adams8 Adapt8 Add-in7 Add-on7 Addax14 Added8 Adder7 Addle7 Adept8 Adhoc11 Adieu6 Adios6 Adlib8 Adman8 Admen8 Admin8 Admit8 Admix15 Adobe8 Adobo8 Adopt8 Adore6 Adorn6 Adrea6 Adria6 Adult6 Adust6 Aegir6 Aegis6 Aeons5 Aerie5 Aesop7 Aetna5 Affix18 Afire8 Afoot8 Afoul8 Afros8 After8 Again6 Agama8 Agape8 Agate6 Agave9 Agaze15 Agent6 Agers6 Aggro7 Agile6 Aging7 Agism8 Aglet6 Aglow9 Agone6 Agony9 Agora6 Agree6 Ahead9 Ahmed11 Ahola8 Aided7 Aider6 Aides6 Ailin5 Aimed8 Aimer7 Aimin7 Aioli5 Aired6 Aisle5 Akira9 Alack11 Alans5 Alarm7 Alary8 Alate5 Albie7 Album9 Alder6 Aldis6 Aldol6 Aldus6 Aleph10 Alert5 Alexi12 Alfas8 Algae6 Algal6 Algid7 Algin6 Alias5 Alibi7 Alien5 Align6 Alike9 Aline5 Alive8 Alkyd13 Alkyl12 Allah8 Allay8 Alley8 Allis5 Allot5 Allow8 Alloy8 Allyl8 Allys8 Alman7 Aloes5 Aloft8 Aloha8 Alone5 Along6 Aloof8 Aloud6 Alpha10 Altar5 Alter5 Alula5 Alvan8 Amain7 Amass7 Amaya10 Amaze16 Amber9 Ambit9 Amble9 Ameba9 Ameer7 Amend8 Amens7 Ament7 Amide8 Amigo8 Amine7 Amino7 Amiss7 Amity10 Amman9 Amnic9 Amnio7 Among8 Amora7 Amort7 Amour7 Ample9 Amply12 Ampul9 Amuck13 Amuse7 Ancho10 Andes6 Anele5 Angel6 Anger6 Angle6 Angry9 Angst6 Anile5 Anima7 Anime7 Anion5 Anise5 Anjou12 Ankle9 Ankus9 Annal5 Annas5 Annex12 Annon5 Annoy8 Annul5 Annum7 Anode6 Anole5 Anomy10 Ansas5 Antar5 Antes5 Antic7 Antsy8 Anvil8 Anzus14 Aorta5 Apace9 Apart7 Apery10 Aphid11 Apian7 Aping8 Apish10 Apnea7 Appal9 Apple9 Apply12 Appro9 April7 Apron7 Apses7 Apsis7 Aptly10 Arabs7 Araks9 Arame7 Arbor7 Arced8 Arcos7 Arcus7 Ardeb8 Ardor6 Areal5 Areas5 Areca7 Arena5 Arent5 Arere5 Arete5 Argal6 Argil6 Argon6 Argot6 Argue6 Argus6 Arias5 Arise5 Arity8 Arles5 Armed8 Armen7 Armer7 Armet7 Armor7 Armys10 Aroid6 Aroma7 Arose5 Arras5 Array8 Arris5 Arrow8 Arson5 Arter5 Aryan8 Asana5 Ascii7 Ascot7 Ascus7 Asdic8 Ashen8 Ashes8 Ashly11 Asian5 Aside6 Asked10 Asker9 Askew12 Aspen7 Asper7 Aspic9 Assay8 Asses5 Asset5 Aster5 Astir5 Aswan8 At-bat7 Ataxy15 Athar8 Atilt5 Atlas5 Atole5 Atoll5 Atoms7 Atone5 Atony8 Atopy10 Atrip7 Attar5 Attic7 Aubry10 Audad7 Audio6 Audis6 Audit6 Auger6 Aught9 Augur6 Aunts5 Aunty8 Aural5 Auras5 Auric7 Aurum7 Auxin12 Avail8 Avens8 Avers8 Avert8 Avian8 Avoid9 Await8 Awake12 Award9 Aware8 Awash11 Awful11 Awing9 Awned9 Awoke12 Axial12 Axile12 Axing13 Axiom14 Axles12 Axone12 Axons12 Axton12 Azide15 Azido15 Azoic16 Azote14 Aztec16 Azure14
Act As Act On Act Up Ad Hoc Ad Lib Ad Val Add On Add To Add Up All In And So Ao Dai As Yet Ask In At All At Bay At Sea Au Jus