15 Letter Words That Start With 'L'

Find all the 15-letter words in the English language that start with L.

There are 21 15-letter words that begin with L.
There are 0 15-letter abbreviations that begin with L.
There are 104 15-letter phrases that begin with L.
Labourintensive20 Labour-intensive20 Lackadaisically27 Laryngostenosis19 Lepidopterology24 Leptomeningitis20 Leptosporangium22 Lexicographical32 Lexicostatistic26 Liechtensteiner20 Lifethreatening22 Life-threatening22 Lightheadedness24 Light-mindedness23 Logarithmically26 Longsightedness21 Low-spiritedness21 Lymphadenopathy34 Lymphoblast-like31 Lymphocytopenia32 Lymphogranuloma28
Labial Consonant Laboratory Bench Lactiferous Duct Lamellar Mixture Land Development Landing Approach Language Barrier Large Periwinkle Large Tooth Aspen Laryngeal Artery Laser-guided Bomb Lasiocampid Moth Last But Not Least Latent Hostility Late Purple Aster Lateral Thinking Latissimus Dorsi Laughing Jackass Law Of Archimedes Law Of Common Fate Law Of Equal Areas Law Of Mass Action Law Of Similarity Laying On Of Hands Lazy Daisy Stitch Lead-acid Battery Leading Question Learned Reaction Learned Response Learning Ability Least Resistance Leatherleaf Fern Lefteye Flounder Left Gastric Vein Legal Instrument Legal Philosophy Legal Proceeding Legal Profession Legal Separation Legislative Body Leguminous Plant Lemon-scented Gum Length Of Service Leprosy Bacillus Lesser Celandine Lesser Scaup Duck Lesser Spearwort Lesser Twayblade Letters Of Marque Leveraged Buyout Lexical Database Libidinal Energy Light Adaptation Lighting Circuit Lighting Fixture Lightly Armoured Light Machine Gun Light Microscope Like Gangbusters Liliaceous Plant Liliopsid Family Lily Of The Valley Line-drive Double Line-drive Single Line-drive Triple Line Of Longitude Line Of Reasoning Line Of Scrimmage Line One's Pockets Linguistic Atlas Liquid Detergent Liquidity Crisis Little Blue Heron Little Chief Hare Livingroom Suite Loan Application Loan Translation Lobbying Expense Lobed Spleenwort Local Anesthesia Local Anesthetic Local Department Local Government Local Oscillator Local Post Office Locomotor Ataxia Logical Argument Logical Relation Logical Thinking Logical Topology Logic Programing Logistic Support Long-clawed Prawn Longicorn Beetle Lower-case Letter Lowland White Fir Luggage Carousel Lunar Time Period Luncheon Meeting Luncheon Voucher Lust For Learning Lymphatic System Lymphatic Tissue Lymphatic Vessel