14 Letter Words That Start With 'R'

Find all the 14-letter words in the English language that start with R.

There are 97 14-letter words that begin with R.
There are 0 14-letter abbreviations that begin with R.
There are 152 14-letter phrases that begin with R.
Radiobiologist18 Radiochemistry25 Radiosensitive18 Radiotelegraph21 Radiotelephone20 Radiotelephony23 Radiotherapist20 Rearrangements17 Reasonableness16 Rebelliousness16 Recapitulation18 Recommencement24 Recommendation21 Recompilations20 Reconciliation18 Reconditioning18 Reconfigurable22 Reconnaissance18 Reconnoitering17 Reconstituting17 Reconstitution16 Reconstructing19 Reconstruction18 Reconstructive21 Recordbreaking24 Record-breaking24 Recoverability24 Recriminations18 Rectangularity20 Reddish-striped22 Redistributing18 Redistribution17 Redistributive20 Re-experiencing26 Reflectiveness22 Reformulations19 Refractiveness22 Refractoriness19 Refurbishments24 Regularisation15 Regularization24 Rehabilitating20 Rehabilitation19 Rehabilitative22 Reimplementing21 Reincarnations16 Reinforcements21 Reinitialising15 Reinterpreting17 Reintroduction17 Re-introduction17 Relentlessness14 Relinquishment28 Rematerialised17 Rembrandtesque28 Remonstrations16 Reorganisation15 Reorganization24 Repartitioning17 Repetitiveness19 Replaceability23 Reprehensively25 Representation16 Representative19 Reproductively25 Reprogrammable23 Republicans--217 Requisitioning24 Reregistration15 Reservationist17 Respectability23 Respectfulness21 Responsibility21 Responsiveness19 Retinoblastoma18 Retransmission16 Retransmitting17 Retrospectives21 Reverberations19 Revitalisation17 Revitalization26 Revivification25 Revolutionised18 Revolutionises17 Revolutionists17 Rheumatologist20 Rhinencephalon24 Ribonucleinase18 Rickettsialpox29 Ridiculousness17 Rigidification21 Roadworthiness21 Rock-inhabiting26 Roentgenoscope19 Rough-and-tumble23 Rubber-necking24 Rubberstamping23
Racial Immunity Radial Symmetry Radial Velocity Radiant Heating Radiation Field Radiatio Optica Radiator Grille Radio Announcer Radio Astronomy Radio Broadcast Radio Frequency Radio Radiation Radio Reflector Radio Telescope Raft Foundation Railroad Siding Railroad Ticket Railroad Tunnel Rail Technology Railway Station Raised Doughnut Random Sampling Random Variable Rape Conviction Ratafia Biscuit Rate Of Exchange Rate Of Interest Rational Motive Rational Number Rat's-tail Cactus Razor-billed Auk Reaction Engine Reading Program Reading Teacher Read-only Memory Real Estate Loan Rearview Mirror Reclining Chair Recombinant DNA Recorder Player Recording Label Recreation Room Rectifying Tube Rectus Inferior Rectus Medialis Rectus Superior Recurrent Event Recurrent Fever Recycling Plant Red-backed Mouse Red Cypress Pine Red False Mallow Redfin Pickerel Red Helleborine Redhorse Sucker Red-necked Grebe Red Sanderswood Reed Instrument Reentrant Angle Refectory Table Reference Frame Reference Point Reflex Epilepsy Reflex Response Reform Movement Registered Bond Registered Mail Registered Post Regression Line Regular Hexagon Regular Payment Regular Polygon Regulation Time Regulatory Gene Reindeer Lichen Relapsing Fever Relative Clause Relaxation Time Relief Printing Relieve Oneself Religious Music Religious Order Religious Right Remission Of Sin Remote Terminal Remoulade Sauce Removal Company Renaissance Man Renal Corpuscle Renal Lithiasis Repulsive Force Required Course Research Center Research Rocket Research Worker Reserve Account Resistance Unit Resolving Power Responsible For Resulting Trust Retail Merchant Retained Object Retarding Force Retention Basin Retirement Fund Retirement Plan Revenue Sharing Reverse Osmosis Reviewing Stand Revival Meeting Rheumatic Fever Rheumatism Weed Rhomboid Muscle Rhythm And Blues Rib Joint Pliers Ricinoleic Acid Riding Breeches Right Ascension Right Of Privacy Right Of Re-entry Rights Offering Right To Liberty Right To Privacy Right Ventricle Ringworm Cassia Riparian Forest Risk Of Exposure River Blindness Road To Damascus Roast Beef Plant Robbery Suspect Robin Redbreast Robin's Plantain Rocket Engineer Rocket Larkspur Rocket Launcher Rockrose Family Romaine Lettuce Roof Of The Mouth Rose Periwinkle Rotary Actuator Rough Horsetail Round Whitefish Royal Poinciana Rubbing Alcohol Ruddy Turnstone Rugel's Plantain Rule Of Evidence Runner-up Finish Running Postman Rupestral Plant Rusty Blackbird