14 Letter Words That Start With 'H'

Find all the 14-letter words in the English language that start with H.

There are 83 14-letter words that begin with H.
There are 0 14-letter abbreviations that begin with H.
There are 90 14-letter phrases that begin with H.
Haematocyturia24 Haematogenesis20 Haematological22 Haematopoiesis21 Haematopoietic23 Haemosiderosis20 Haemosporidian22 Halfpennyworth31 Hallucinations19 Hallucinogenic22 Haplosporidian22 Harlequin-snake30 Harmoniousness19 Harpsichordist25 Headmastership25 Headmistresses20 Heartsearching23 Heavier-than-air23 Hell-for-leather23 Hemagglutinate21 Hemimetabolism25 Hemimetabolous23 Hemingwayesque35 Hemoglobinemia24 Hemoglobinuria22 Hermaphrodites25 Hermaphroditic27 Heterometaboly24 Heterosexually27 Heterozygosity33 Hierarchically27 Hieroglyphical28 Highhandedness26 High-handedness26 High-mindedness25 High-principled28 High-resolution21 Histologically23 Historicalness19 Historiography26 Holier-than-thou23 Holometabolism23 Holometabolous21 Homogenisation20 Homogenization29 Honourableness19 Hop-step-and-jump33 Horrorstricken23 Horror-stricken23 Horsepower-hour25 Horticulturist19 Hospitableness21 Hundredweights26 Huntergatherer21 Hunter-gatherer21 Hydrocortisone23 Hydrodynamical29 Hydrographical29 Hydrologically27 Hydromechanics30 Hydronephrosis26 Hydrophobicity33 Hydroponically28 Hydroxybenzene42 Hydroxyproline33 Hyperbolically29 Hypercalcaemia28 Hypercalciuria26 Hyperextension29 Hyperglycaemia30 Hyperinflation25 Hyperlipidemia27 Hypermastigote25 Hypermenorrhea27 Hypersecretion24 Hypersensitive25 Hyperventilate25 Hypoadrenalism25 Hypochondriacs30 Hypocritically29 Hypophysectomy37 Hypothetically30 Hypothyroidism31
Hair-tailed Mole Hamburger Steak Hand Calculator Handling Charge Hangman's Halter Hapax Legomenon Harbor Porpoise Harmonic Motion Hay Conditioner Hay-scented Fern Headache Powder Health Facility Hearing Officer Heart Ventricle Heat Exhaustion Heather Mixture Heating Element Heat Of Solution Hedgehog Cactus Hedgehog Cereus Hemizygous Vein Hepatic Tanager Hepatitis Delta Herbal Medicine Hero Worshipper Herpes Labialis Herpes Simplex 1 Herpes Simplex 2 Heterophil Test Hiba Arborvitae Hieratic Script High-pass Filter High-speed Steel High Technology Highway Robbery Hillbilly Music Historic Period Hitchens's Razor Hitting Average Hog-nosed Badger Holding Company Holding Paddock Holding Pattern Holistic Theory Holly-leaved Oak Home Equity Loan Homeless Person Honeycomb Tripe Honorary Degree Horizontal Tail Horned Dinosaur Horned Pondweed Horned Screamer Horny Structure Horseback Rider Horse Of The Wood Horseshoe Vetch Hostile Witness Hot And Bothered Hot-button Issue Hotel Desk Clerk Hotel Detective Hotel Occupancy Hot-water Bottle Hot-water Heater House Centipede House Decorator House Detective Household Linen Housemaid's Knee House Of Worship House Physician Housing Project Huckleberry Oak Huddle Together Humic Substance Hunter's Chicken Hunting Licence Hunting License Huntsman's Horns Hyaluronic Acid Hydatid Disease Hydnocarpus Oil Hydraulic Brake Hydraulic Press Hydrazo Radical Hydrogen Iodide Hydroiodic Acid Hypnotic Trance Hypoxic Hypoxia