12 Letter Words That Start With 'R'

Find all the 12-letter words in the English language that start with R.

There are 300 12-letter words that begin with R.
There are 0 12-letter abbreviations that begin with R.
There are 163 12-letter phrases that begin with R.
Rabble-rouser16 Rachischisis22 Racketeering19 Radiobiology19 Radiochemist20 Radiographer19 Radiographic21 Radioisotope15 Radiological16 Radiologists14 Radionuclide16 Radio-opacity20 Radiotherapy21 Radiothorium18 Ragstoriches18 Rail-splitter14 Rambunctious18 Ramification19 Rank-smelling19 Rarefactions17 Raspberry-red20 Ratification17 Ratiocinator14 Rationalised13 Rationalists12 Rationalness12 Rattlesnakes16 Ravenousness15 Razzle-dazzle49 Reabsorption16 Reactivating18 Reactivation17 Reactivities17 Readjustment22 Realignments15 Realisations12 Reallocating15 Reallocation14 Reappearance18 Reappraising17 Reassembling17 Reassessment14 Reassignment15 Reassurances14 Reassuringly16 Reattachment19 Rebelliously17 Recalcitrant16 Recalcitrate16 Recalculated17 Recapitulate16 Receivership22 Receptionist16 Recessionary17 Rechargeable20 Reciprocally21 Reciprocated19 Recirculated17 Recklessness18 Reclamations16 Reclassified18 Reclassifies17 Recognisable17 Recognisably20 Recognisance17 Recognitions15 Recognizable26 Recognizably29 Recognizance26 Recollecting17 Recollection16 Recollective19 Recombinants18 Recommencing21 Recommending20 Recomputable20 Reconcilable18 Reconfigured19 Reconfigures18 Reconnecting17 Reconnection16 Reconnoitred15 Reconsecrate16 Reconsidered16 Reconstitute14 Reconstructs16 Reconsulting15 Recontribute16 Reconversion17 Record-holder19 Record-keeper21 Recreational14 Recrudescent17 Rectosigmoid18 Recuperating17 Recuperation16 Recuperative19 Red-blindness16 Reddish-brown22 Redecorating16 Redecoration15 Rededication16 Redefinition16 Redemptional17 Redeployment20 Redeposition15 Redeveloping19 Rediscovered19 Redistribute15 Reducibility20 Reductionism17 Reductionist15 Redundancies16 Reenlistment14 Reevaluation15 Reflectional17 Reflectively23 Reflectivity23 Reflectorise17 Reflectorize26 Reformations17 Reformatting18 Reform-minded21 Reformulated18 Reformulates17 Refractivity23 Refreshfully24 Refreshingly22 Refreshments20 Refrigerants16 Refrigerated17 Refrigerator16 Refurbishing21 Regenerating14 Regeneration13 Regenerative16 Regimentally18 Registration13 Regnellidium16 Regularities13 Regurgitated15 Rehabilitate17 Reimposition16 Reincarnated15 Reinitialise12 Reinstalling13 Reintroduced16 Reintroduces15 Reinventions15 Reinvestment17 Reinvigorate16 Rejectionist21 Rejuvenating23 Rejuvenation22 Rejuvenatory25 Relabellings15 Relationally15 Relationship17 Relativistic17 Relentlessly15 Reliableness14 Religiousism15 Relinquished25 Relinquishes24 Remaindering16 Remembrances20 Remilitarise14 Remilitarize23 Reminiscence18 Remonstrance16 Remonstrated15 Remorsefully20 Remuneration14 Remunerative17 Rendezvoused26 Renegotiated14 Renouncement16 Renunciation14 Renunciative17 Reoccupation18 Reorganising14 Reorientated13 Reorientates12 Repatriating15 Repatriation14 Repercussion16 Repetitively20 Replacements18 Replenishing18 Replications16 Repositioned15 Repositories14 Repossessing15 Repossession14 Reprehension17 Representing15 Repressively20 Reprimanding18 Reprocessing17 Reproducible19 Reproducibly22 Reproduction17 Reproductive20 Reprogrammed20 Republishing20 Reputability19 Requirements23 Requisitions21 Rescheduling19 Resemblances18 Re-sentencing15 Reservations15 Resettlement14 Resharpening18 Resignations13 Resoluteness12 Resoundingly17 Resourceless14 Respectfully22 Respectively22 Resplendence17 Resplendency20 Responsively20 Restauranter12 Restaurateur12 Restlessness12 Restorations12 Restrengthen16 Restrictions14 Restructured15 Restructures14 Resubmission16 Resubmitting17 Resubstitute14 Resurrecting15 Resurrection14 Resuscitated15 Resuscitator14 Resuspension14 Reticulation14 Reticulocyte19 Retrenchment19 Retrofitting16 Retroflexion22 Retroversion15 Retroviruses15 Revaluations15 Revengefully22 Reverberance19 Reverberated18 Reverberates17 Reversionary18 Reversionist15 Revisionists15 Revitalising16 Revitalizing25 Revivalistic20 Rhabdomancer22 Rhetorically20 Rhetoricians17 Rheumatology21 Rhinoceroses17 Rhododendron18 Rhodomontade19 Rhombohedral23 Rhombohedron23 Rhythmically28 Rhytidectomy26 Ribbon-shaped22 Ribonuclease16 Ridiculously18 Rightfulness19 Righthanders20 Right-side-out17 Rightwingers20 Rigorousness13 Risklessness16 Roadsweepers18 Rollerblader15 Roller-skater16 Rollickingly22 Rolypoliness17 Romantically19 Romanticised17 Romanticises16 Rooseveltian15 Rose-lavender16 Rotationally15 Rot-resistant12 Round-fruited17 Rubbernecker22 Rudapithecus20 Rule-governed17 Ruminatively20 Rumourmonger17 Runofthemill20 Run-of-the-mill20 Run-of-the-mine20 Run-resistant12 Ruthlessness15
Rabbit Burrow Rabbit Warren Radial Artery Radial Engine Radiator Hose Radio Antenna Radio Chassis Radio Compass Radio Station Radius Vector Ragged Orchid Ragged Orchis Raglan Sleeve Railroad Flat Railroad Line Railroad Vine Railroad Worm Rainbow Perch Rainbow Smelt Rainbow Trout Raise The Roof Raisin Cookie Rambutan Tree Ramjet Engine Random Memory Random Sample Rapid Transit Ratbite Fever Ratchet Wheel Rate Of Growth Rate Of Return Rating System Raw Vegetable Razorback Hog Reaction Time Read-only File Reality Check Real Presence Real Property Reaper Binder Rear Of Barrel Receiving Set Rechewed Food Record Jacket Record Player Record Sleeve Recovery Room Rectal Artery Rectal Reflex Recycling Bin Red Baneberry Red Bearberry Red Blood Cell Reddish Brown Red Dwarf Star Red-eyed Vireo Redeye Flight Red Giant Star Red Goosefoot Red Lauan Tree Red-lead Putty Red-letter Day Red Phalarope Red Pimpernel Red Raspberry Red Silver Fir Reducing Diet Red Underwing Referred Pain Refined Sugar Reflex Action Reflex Camera Reform School Refried Beans Reindeer Moss Relation Back Relay Station Renal Failure Renal Medulla Reniform Leaf Rental Income Reptile Genus Requiem Shark Residual Clay Residual Soil Response Time Resting Spore Restless Legs Return Ticket Revenue Stamp Reverse Fault Reverse Split Revolve About Rhesus Factor Rhesus Monkey Rhubarb Plant Rhyming Slang Rhythm Method Richter Scale Ride The Bench Riding Master Riding School Rifle Grenade Rifleman Bird Right Fielder Right-hand Man Right Of Entry Ringside Seat Ringworm Bush Rip Van Winkle Rising Prices Risky Venture Rock Barnacle Rock Climbing Rocket Engine Rocket Firing Rock Geranium Rocking Chair Rocking Horse Rock Kangaroo Rock Polypody Rock Purslane Rock Sandwort Rock Squirrel Rolling Hitch Rolling Paper Rolling Stock Roll In The Hay Roman Letters Roman Numeral Roofing Paper Roof Mushroom Rooming House Rose Chestnut Rose Geranium Rose Of Sharon Rosetta Stone Rosewood Tree Rotary Engine Rotary Motion Rote Learning Rough Drawing Roulette Ball Round Dancing Round The Bend Royal Charter Rubber Bullet Rubber Cement Rubber Eraser Ruffed Grouse Rule Of Cy Pres Rules Of Order Runaway Robin Running Board Running Light Running Noose Running Start Running Title Run Roughshod Run-time Error Runtime Error Rusty Grackle Rusty Woodsia