12 Letter Words That Start With 'L'

Find all the 12-letter words in the English language that start with L.

There are 141 12-letter words that begin with L.
There are 0 12-letter abbreviations that begin with L.
There are 172 12-letter phrases that begin with L.
Labanotation14 Laboratories14 Laboursaving18 Labyrinthian20 Labyrinthine20 Lachrymation22 Lachrymatory25 Ladylikeness20 Lady's-eardrop19 Laissezfaire24 Laissez-faire24 Lamb's-quarter25 Lamentations14 Lamplighters20 Lancet-shaped20 Landholdings18 Landlubberly20 Languorously16 Lansoprazole23 Lantern-jawed23 Large-grained15 Large-hearted17 Large-mouthed19 Laryngectomy23 Laryngoscope20 Laryngospasm20 Lasciviously20 Late-blooming17 Lateen-rigged15 Late-ripening15 Laudableness15 Launderettes13 Laundrywoman21 Lavender-pink22 Lead-coloured16 Leafy-stemmed23 Leapfrogging20 Leaseholders16 Lecanopteris16 Lectureships19 Lefthandedly23 Left-of-center20 Left-slanting16 Legalisation13 Legalization22 Legionnaires13 Legislatures13 Legitimately18 Legitimating16 Legitimation15 Legitimatise15 Legitimatize24 Legitimising16 Lemon-scented17 Leonardesque22 Leopard's-bane17 Lepidomelane17 Lepidophobia22 Lepidopteran17 Lepidopteron17 Leptorrhinic19 Less-traveled16 Letterwriter15 Leucocytosis19 Leukocytosis21 Levallorphan20 Levorotation15 Levorotatory18 Lexicography30 Lexicologist22 Liberalising15 Liberalistic16 Libertarians14 Licentiously17 Lichtenstein17 Lifeanddeath20 Life-and-death20 Lifelessness15 Light-colored19 Lighthearted20 Light-hearted20 Lightly-armed22 Light-skinned21 Lightweights23 Lilac-colored17 Limnological17 Lincolnesque23 Line-shooting16 Liothyronine18 Liquefaction26 Liquidations22 Liquid-fueled26 Listlessness12 Literalistic14 Lithographer21 Lithographic23 Lithological18 Litter-basket18 Litter-bearer14 Liturgiology17 Liver-colored18 Liverpudlian18 Load-shedding19 Lobeliaceous16 Lobotomising17 Localisation14 Localization23 Loganberries15 Loggerheaded19 Logistically18 Lonesomeness14 Long-branched21 Long-distance16 Long-familiar18 Longitudinal14 Longshoreman18 Longstanding15 Long-windedly21 Lookingglass18 Loose-fitting16 Loose-jointed20 Lopsidedness16 Loquaciously26 Lost-and-found17 Loudspeakers19 Louisianians12 Lovesickness21 Low-ceilinged19 Lower-ranking20 Lugubriously18 Lukewarmness21 Luminescence18 Luminosities14 Luminousness14 Lumpectomies20 Lusciousness14 Lymphadenoma25 Lymphangioma25 Lymphangitis23 Lymphography31 Lysogenicity21
Labial Artery Labour Of Love Lacrimal Bone Lacrimal Duct Lacrimal Vein Lacrosse Ball Lady's Slipper Lady's Thistle Lady's Tobacco Lady's Tresses Laissez Faire Lake Dwelling Lamb's Lettuce Lancet Window Landed Estate Landed Gentry Landing Craft Landing Field Landing Party Landing Place Landing Stage Landing Strip Language Area Language Unit Language Zone Lantern Slide Lantern Wheel Lap Of The Gods Large Calorie Large Integer Laser Printer Lash Together Last Not Least Last Respects Latanier Palm Latency Phase Latency Stage Latent Period Laughing Gull Launching Pad Laundry Truck Laurel Cherry Laurel Family Laurel Willow Laurel Wreath Law Of Closure Law Of Nations Law Of The Land Law Of Volumes Lay On The Line Lead Arsenate Lead Chromate Leaded Bronze Leaded Petrol Leading Light Leaf-nosed Bat Least Squares Leather Strip Legal Holiday Legal Opinion Legionary Ant Legume Family Lemon Extract Lens Of The Eye Leopard Plant Letter Opener Letter Writer Lever Tumbler Lexical Entry Library Paste License Plate Licensing Fee Lichen Planus Lickety Split Licorice Fern Licorice Root Lieder Singer Liege Subject Lienal Artery Lieutenant JG Life Sentence Light Ballast Light Circuit Light Colonel Light Company Lightning Bug Lightning Rod Like An Expert Like The Devil Limbic System Limited Audit Linden Family Line Of Battle Line Of Credit Line Of Flight Line Of Poetry Line Of Saturn Line Of Vision Line Roulette Line Spectrum Lingua Franca Linkage Group Linoleic Acid Lion Marmoset Liqueur Glass Liquid Assets Liquid Bleach Liquid Oxygen Lister Plough Literal Error Literary Hack Literary Work Litter Basket Little Barley Little Finger Little League Little Potato Little Sister Little Terror Littoral Zone Liver Disease Liver Pudding Liver Sausage Livery Driver Livery Stable Live Together Lizard Orchid Loan Approval Loblolly Pine Lobster Plant Locative Role Lock-up Option Lodging House Logical Proof Logic Diagram Logic Element Lollipop Lady Long Distance Long Division Long-eared Bat Long-eared Owl Long-fin Tunny Longleaf Pine Long-neck Clam Long Trousers Look Backward Lookdown Fish Looking Glass Loop Topology Losing Streak Loufah Sponge Lounge Around Lounge Lizard Lounging Robe Low Blueberry Lower Jawbone Lower Oneself Low Explosive Low Frequency Low-water Mark Lubber's Point Lumbar Artery Lumbar Plexus Lumber Jacket Luminous Flux Lunar Caustic Lunar Eclipse Luncheon Meat Lunch Meeting Lurking Place Lusus Naturae Lysergic Acid