12 Letter Words That Start With 'H'

Find all the 12-letter words in the English language that start with H.

There are 256 12-letter words that begin with H.
There are 0 12-letter abbreviations that begin with H.
There are 146 12-letter phrases that begin with H.
Haberdashers21 Haberdashery24 Habilimented20 Habitability22 Habitforming23 Habit-forming23 Haematemesis19 Haematocoele19 Haematogenic20 Haematolysis20 Haemogenesis18 Haemophiliac24 Haemopoiesis19 Haemopoietic21 Haemoproteid20 Haemoprotein19 Haemorrhages21 Haemorrhagic23 Haemorrhoids21 Haemosiderin18 Hagiographer22 Hairdressers16 Hairdressing17 Hairlessness15 Hair's-breadth21 Hairsbreadth21 Hairsplitter17 Half-seas-over21 Half-timbered23 Hallucinated18 Hallucinogen18 Hallucinosis17 Hallwayconte23 Halobacteria19 Hammer-shaped25 Handicapping23 Handkerchief28 Hand-operated19 Handsbreadth22 Handsomeness18 Handstitched22 Happenstance21 Happygolucky32 Happy-go-lucky32 Hardinggrass18 Hardscrabble22 Hard-to-please18 Harlequinade25 Harmlessness17 Harmonically22 Harmoniously20 Harmonizable28 Harpsichords23 Headmistress18 Headquarters25 Head-shrinker23 Heartbreaker21 Heartburning18 Heart-healthy24 Heartrending17 Heartstrings16 Hearttoheart18 Heart-to-heart18 Heartwarming21 Heavenwardly25 Heavyhearted25 Heavyweights28 Hebdomadally24 Heedlessness16 Helianthemum22 Heliocentric19 Heliogravure19 Heliotherapy23 Heliotropism19 Helmetflower23 Helmet-shaped23 Helplessness17 Hematochezia31 Hematochrome24 Hematocolpos21 Hematohiston20 Hematologist18 Hemiepiphyte27 Hemimetaboly24 Hemimorphite24 Hemiparasite19 Hemodialysis21 Hemodialyzer30 Hemodynamics25 Hemstitching23 Henceforward24 Hepadnavirus21 Hepatoflavin23 Hepatomegaly23 Hereditament18 Hereinbefore20 Heritability20 Hermeneutics19 Hermetically22 Hesitatingly19 Heterocercal19 Heterocyclic24 Heterodactyl21 Heteroecious17 Heterogenous16 Heterologous16 Heteroploidy21 Heterosexism24 Heterosexist22 Heterosexual22 Heterozygote28 Heterozygous28 Heydaymayday31 Hierarchical22 Hieroglyphic26 Higginbotham24 High-altitude20 Highfaluting23 High-fidelity26 High-handedly27 High-interest19 Highlighting24 High-mindedly26 High-pressure21 High-sounding21 Highspirited22 High-spirited22 High-stepping24 High-velocity27 Hillsborough21 Hindquarters25 Hippopotamus23 Hire-purchase22 Histological18 Histologists16 Historically20 Hole-in-corner17 Holidaymaker25 Holistically20 Hollow-horned22 Holocephalan22 Holometabola19 Holometaboly22 Homelessness17 Homeothermic24 Homesickness23 Homoeopathic24 Homogenising19 Homomorphism26 Homosexually27 Homozygosity33 Honey-colored21 Honeycombing25 Honeycreeper22 Honeymooners20 Honey-scented21 Honeysuckles24 Hopelessness17 Horizontally27 Horrendously19 Horrifically23 Horrifyingly25 Horror-struck21 Horsemanship22 Horsewhipped26 Horticulture17 Hospitalised18 Hound's-tongue17 Housebreaker21 Housebuilder18 House-builder18 Householders19 Househunting19 Househusband21 Housekeepers21 Housekeeping22 House-raising16 House-to-house18 House-trained16 Housewarming21 Housewrecker24 Hubble-bubble25 Hubbly-bubbly31 Hugger-mugger21 Human-centred20 Humanisation17 Humanitarian17 Humanization26 Humification22 Humiliations17 Hummingbirds23 Humorousness17 Humourlessly20 Hyaloplasmic24 Hydrocarbons23 Hydrocephaly29 Hydrochloric26 Hydrocolloid22 Hydrodynamic27 Hydrofluoric24 Hydrogenated21 Hydrogen-bomb26 Hydrographer25 Hydrographic27 Hydrokinetic25 Hydrological22 Hydrologists20 Hydrolyzable33 Hydrostatics21 Hydrotherapy27 Hydrothermal24 Hygienically24 Hymenopteran22 Hymenopteron22 Hyperacidity26 Hyperboloids23 Hypercoaster22 Hyperdactyly29 Hyperidrosis21 Hyperkalemia26 Hyperlipemia24 Hypermarkets26 Hypermetropy27 Hyperpyrexia32 Hypertension20 Hypertensive23 Hyperthermal25 Hyperthermia25 Hypervolemia25 Hyphenations23 Hypnogenesis21 Hypnotherapy28 Hypnotically25 Hypobasidium25 Hypocalcemia26 Hypochlorite25 Hypochondria26 Hypocritical24 Hypoesthesia23 Hypoglycemia28 Hypoglycemic30 Hypognathous24 Hypogonadism24 Hyponatremia22 Hypothalamic27 Hypothalamus25 Hypothesised24 Hypothesiser23 Hypothesises23 Hypothetical25 Hypotonicity25 Hypovolaemia25 Hypovolaemic27 Hysterectomy25 Hysterically23 Hysteroscopy25
Habeas Corpus Hackney Coach Haemophilia A Haemophilia B Hagberry Tree Hair Coloring Hair Follicle Hair Of The Dog Hamburger Bun Hand And Glove Hand Clapping Handling Cost Hand Over Fist Hand Throttle Hangman's Rope Hang Together Harbor Patrol Hard Currency Hard Shoulder Hard To Please Harmonic Mean Harness Horse Harrier Eagle Harvest Mouse Hasty Pudding Hatcheck Girl Haute Couture Haute Cuisine Have It Coming Hazelnut Tree Head Covering Head Linesman Head Register Health Hazard Heart And Soul Heart Disease Heart Failure Heart Massage Heart Monitor Heart Surgeon Heart Surgery Heating Plant Heat Of Fusion Heavenly Body Heavy Lifting Hedge Mustard Hedge Sparrow Hedge Trimmer Heir Apparent Helmet Flower Helmet Orchid Hemp Agrimony Herbs Mercury Here And There Hermit Thrush Heroic Poetry Heroic Stanza Heroin Addict Hero Sandwich Herpes Zoster Herring Salad Hexanoic Acid Hiatal Hernia Hiatus Hernia High-angle Gun Higher Status High Fidelity Highly Strung High-warp Loom Hilbert Space Hiring Freeze Hitching Post Hoary Alyssum Hoary Puccoon Hockey Clinic Hockey League Hockey Player Hockey Season Hog Cranberry Hognose Snake Hold Still For Holy Of Holies Home Computer Home From Home Home Invasion Homeobox Gene Homeotic Gene Homestead Law Homing Device Homing Pigeon Honey Buzzard Honeyed Words Honoris Causa Honor Killing Hood Ornament Hoofed Mammal Horned Lizard Horned Puffin Horned Violet Horn Of Plenty Horse Blanket Horse Cavalry Horse Fancier Horsefly Weed Horse Gentian Horsehair Wig Horse Parsley Horseshoe Bat Horse Thistle Horse Trading Hospital Care Hospital Room Hospital Ship Hospital Ward Hot Chocolate Hotel Manager Hot-water Tank Hot-work Steel House Husband House Of Cards House Painter House Servant House Sparrow House Trailer Housing Start Howler Monkey Hugger Mugger Human Ecology Human Process Hunch Forward Hunger Strike Hunted Person Hunter's Sauce Hunting Guide Hunting Knife Hunting Lodge Hunting Watch Huntsman's Cup Hussar Monkey Hyacinth Bean Hydrated Lime Hydraulic Ram Hydrazo Group Hydrogen Bomb Hydrogen Bond Hydroxide Ion