12 Letter Words That Start With 'D'

Find all the 12-letter words in the English language that start with D.

There are 375 12-letter words that begin with D.
There are 0 12-letter abbreviations that begin with D.
There are 151 12-letter phrases that begin with D.
Daredeviltry20 Dark-coloured20 Darmstadtium18 Deactivating19 Deactivation18 Deaf-muteness18 Debilitating16 Debilitation15 Debilitative18 Decaffeinate21 Decalcomania19 Decalescence19 Decapitating18 Decapitation17 Decasyllabic22 Decasyllable20 Decelerating16 Deceleration15 Decentralise15 Decentralize24 Dechlorinate18 Decidability21 Decipherable22 Decipherably25 Decipherment22 Decisiveness18 Declarations15 Declassified19 Declinations15 Declinometer17 Decommission19 Decomposable21 Decompressed20 Decongestant16 Deconsecrate17 Decoratively21 Decorousness15 Decreasingly19 Decrementing18 Decustomised18 Deepfreezing28 Deerstalkers17 Deerstalking18 De-escalation15 Defenestrate16 Defervescent21 Defibrillate18 Deficiencies20 Definiteness16 Definitional16 Definitively22 Deflagration17 Deflationary19 Deformations18 Degeneracies16 Degenerating15 Degeneration14 Degenerative17 Degradations15 Dehumanising19 Dehumidifier22 Deinocheirus18 De-iodinating15 De-iodination14 Dejectedness23 Deliberately18 Deliberating16 Deliberation15 Deliberative18 Delicatessen15 Delightfully23 Delimitation15 Deliquescent24 Demarcations17 Dementedness16 Demilitarise15 Demilitarize24 Demimondaine18 Demineralise15 Demineralize24 Demodulation16 Demographers21 Demographics23 Demographist21 Demoniacally20 Demonisation15 Demonization24 Demonstrable17 Demonstrably20 Demonstrated16 Demonstrates15 Demonstrator15 Demoralising16 Demoralizing25 Demystifying25 Denaturalise13 Denaturalize22 Denigrations14 Denomination15 Denominators15 Denotational13 Denouncement17 Densitometer15 Densitometry18 Denunciation15 Denunciative18 Denunciatory18 Departmental17 Dependencies18 Depopulation17 Deportations15 Depositional15 Depositories15 Deprecations17 Depreciating18 Depreciation17 Depreciative20 Depreciatory20 Depredations16 Depressingly19 Depressurise15 Depressurize24 Deprivations18 Deracination15 Deregulating15 Deregulation14 Deregulatory17 Derelictions15 Derivational16 Derivatively22 Dermabrasion17 Dermatologic18 Desalination13 Descriptions17 Designations14 Desirability18 Despairingly19 Despitefully21 Despoilation15 Despoliation15 Despondently19 Desquamation24 Dessertspoon15 Destabilised16 Destinations13 Destructible17 Desulphurise18 Desulphurize27 Deteriorated14 Deteriorates13 Determinable17 Determinants15 Determinedly19 Dethronement18 Detumescence19 Deuteranopia15 Deuteranopic17 Devaluations16 Developments20 Deviationism18 Deviationist16 Devil-may-care23 Devil-worship24 Dextrocardia23 Dextrorotary23 Diabolically20 Diacriticals17 Diagonalised15 Diagonalises14 Diagrammatic20 Dialectician17 Dialectology19 Diamagnetism18 Diapheromera20 Diastrophism20 Dibranchiate20 Dicarboxylic29 Dichromatism22 Dictatorship20 Dictionaries15 Dictostylium20 Dictyopteran20 Didactically21 Diencephalon20 Differencing22 Differential19 Difficulties21 Digitisation14 Digitization23 Dilapidation16 Dilatoriness13 Dilettantish16 Dillydallier17 Dilly-dallier17 Dimensioning16 Diminishable20 Diphthongise22 Diphthongize31 Diplomatical19 Dipsomaniacs19 Directorates15 Directorship20 Disabilities15 Disaccharide21 Disadvantage18 Disaffection21 Disaffiliate19 Disaggregate16 Disagreeable16 Disagreeably19 Disagreement16 Disallowance18 Disambiguate18 Disappearing18 Disappointed18 Disapproving21 Disarranging15 Disassembled18 Disassembler17 Disassembles17 Disassociate15 Disastrously16 Disbelievers18 Disbelieving19 Disbursement17 Disceptation17 Discipleship22 Disciplinary20 Disciplining18 Discolourise15 Discomfiture20 Discomposure19 Disconcerted18 Disconnected18 Disconsolate15 Discontented16 Discontinued16 Discontinues15 Discordantly19 Discorporate17 Discotheques27 Discountable17 Discouraging17 Discourteous15 Discoverable20 Discrediting17 Discreetness15 Discreteness15 Discretional15 Discriminant17 Discriminate17 Discursively21 Disdainfully20 Disembarking22 Disembarrass17 Disenchanted19 Disentangled15 Disentangler14 Disentangles14 Disestablish18 Disfranchise21 Disgorgement17 Disgustingly18 Disharmonise18 Disharmonize27 Disheartened17 Dishonorable18 Dishonorably21 Disincarnate15 Disincentive18 Disinfectant18 Disinfecting19 Disinfection18 Disinflation16 Disingenuous14 Disinherited17 Disintegrate14 Disinterment15 Disjointedly24 Disjointness20 Disjunctions22 Dislocations15 Dislodgement17 Dismembering20 Dismissively21 Disobedience18 Disorganised15 Disorganized24 Disorientate13 Disorienting14 Dispensaries15 Dispensation15 Dispersively21 Dispiritedly19 Displacement19 Dispositions15 Dispossessed16 Disputatious15 Disqualified26 Disqualifies25 Disquisition22 Disregarding16 Disreputable17 Disreputably20 Disruptively21 Dissatisfied17 Dissatisfies16 Disseminated16 Disseminator15 Dissertation13 Dissimulator15 Dissociating16 Dissociation15 Dissociative18 Distillation13 Distilleries13 Distinctions15 Distinctness15 Distomatosis15 Distractedly19 Distractions15 Distributary18 Distributing16 Distribution15 Distributive18 Distributors15 Disturbances17 Disturbingly19 Divarication18 Diversifying23 Diversionary19 Diversionist16 Diverticular18 Diverticulum20 Divertimento18 Divisibility21 Divisiveness19 Dock-walloper24 Dodecahedral20 Dodecahedron20 Dogmatically21 Doityourself19 Do-it-yourself19 Dolphinarium20 Domestically20 Domesticated18 Doppelganger19 Dorsiflexion23 Dorsoventral16 Dostoevskian20 Double-bedded20 Double-check25 Double-dealer16 Doubledecker22 Double-decker22 Double-geared17 Doubleheader19 Double-humped23 Double-magnum20 Double-spaced20 Doubtfulness18 Draftsperson18 Dramatically20 Dreadfulness17 Drug-addicted19 Dumbfounding22 Dumbstricken23 Duplicatable19 Duplications17 Dusky-colored23 Dwarfishness22 Dysfunctions21 Dyslexically28 Dysmenorrhea21 Dysphemistic25
Dabbling Duck Dairy Farming Dairy Product Damask Violet Dance Of Death Danish Pastry Danse Macabre Danseur Noble Daphne Family Dashing Hopes Date-nut Bread Daughter Cell Day Blindness Day Jessamine Day Of The Week Dead-air Space Dead Language Dead Metaphor Dead On Target Death Benefit Death Chamber Death Penalty Death Warrant Decanoic Acid Decimal Digit Decimal Point Deep-sea Diver Deer Fly Fever Deer Mushroom Defence Force Defense Force Dental Caries Dental Plaque Dental School Deontic Logic Departure Tax Desertic Soil Desert Iguana Desert Willow Designer Drug Desire To Know Desk Sergeant Dessert Apple Dessert Plate Dessert Spoon Deverbal Noun Device Driver Devil's Apples Devil's Tongue Devil's Turnip Dewberry Bush Diabetic Coma Diabetic Diet Dialect Atlas Diamond Point Diapason Stop Diesel Engine Diethyl Ether Digital Clock Digital Watch Dilatory Plea Dinner Bucket Dinner Jacket Dinner Napkin Dipole Moment Direct Action Direct Flight Direct Mailer Direct Object Dirty Laundry Disagree With Disaster Area Disco Biscuit Discount Rate Disk Overhead Dispatch Case Dispense With Display Board Display Panel Distress Call District Line Diuretic Drug Dividing Line Diving Petrel Divinyl Ether Divorce Court Dog-day Cicada Dog Stinkhorn Dollar Volume Dolman Jacket Dolman Sleeve Domed Stadium Domestic Carp Domestic Fowl Domestic Goat Domestic Help Dominant Gene Domino Effect Domino Theory Donkey Boiler Donkey Engine Donkey Jacket Dormer Window Double Birdie Double Boiler Double Clinch Double Dagger Double Dipper Double Quotes Double Stitch Double Tongue Double Vision Dowager's Hump Drag One's Feet Dragon Lizard Dragon's Blood Dragon's Mouth Drainage Area Dramatic Play Dramatic Work Draught Horse Drawing Board Drawing Chalk Drawing Paper Drawing Power Drawing Table Draw Together Dressing Case Dressing Down Dressing Gown Dressing Room Dressing Sack Dress Uniform Dried Apricot Drilling Pipe Drinking Bout Drinking Song Driving Force Driving Range Driving Wheel Drop-down Menu Dropping Zone Drug Cocktail Dryland Berry Dry-stone Wall Ducking Stool Dumdum Bullet Dundathu Pine Durable Goods Durable Press Dutch Auction