11 Letter Words That Start With 'D'

Find all the 11-letter words in the English language that start with D.

There are 551 11-letter words that begin with D.
There are 0 11-letter abbreviations that begin with D.
There are 172 11-letter phrases that begin with D.
Daggerboard17 Dangerously16 Dangleberry18 Dangle-berry18 Dappled-gray21 Dappled-grey21 Daredevilry19 Dark-colored19 Dark-fruited20 Dark-skinned21 Dark-spotted19 Dauntlessly15 Day-after-day22 Day-and-night20 Daydreaming19 Deaccession16 Deaconesses14 Deactivated18 Deactivates17 Deadlocking20 Deafanddumb21 Deaf-and-dumb21 Deafeningly19 Dealerships17 Dealignment15 Deamination14 Debarkation18 Debilitated15 Debridement17 Decalescent16 Decantation14 Decapitated17 Decapitates16 Decarbonate16 Decarbonise16 Decarbonize25 Decarburise16 Decarburize25 Deceitfully20 Deceivingly21 Decelerated15 Decelerates14 Deceptively22 Decerebrate16 Deciphering20 Deckle-edged21 Declamation16 Declamatory19 Declaration14 Declarative17 Declaratory17 Declensions14 Declination14 Declivitous17 Decoagulant15 Decolletage15 Decolourise14 Decolourize23 Decomposing19 Deconstruct16 Decorations14 Decorticate16 Decremental16 Decremented17 Decrepitate16 Decrepitude17 Decrescendo17 Decussation14 Dedications15 Deductively21 De-emphasise19 De-emphasize28 Deep-chested20 Deerstalker16 Defalcation17 Defectively23 Defenceless17 Defenseless15 Defensively21 Deferential15 Defibrinate17 Definitions15 Deflections17 Defloration15 Deflowering19 Defoliation15 Deformation17 Deformities17 Defunctness17 Degenerated14 Degenerates13 Deglutition13 Degradation14 Degustation13 Dehumanised18 Dehumanises17 Dehumanized27 Dehydrating20 Dehydration19 Deification17 Deinonychus20 Delavirdine16 Delectation14 Delegations13 Deleterious12 Deliberated15 Deliciously17 Delightedly20 Delineating13 Delineation12 Delineative15 Delinquency26 Delinquents21 Deliquesced24 Deliriously15 Deliverable17 Deliverance17 Deliveryman20 Delphiniums19 Demagnetise15 Demagnetize24 Demagogical18 Demagoguery19 Demandingly19 Demarcating17 Demarcation16 Demeaningly18 Demobilised17 Democracies18 Democratise16 Democratize25 Demodulator15 Demographer20 Demographic22 Demolishing18 Demolitions14 Demonolatry17 Demon-ridden16 Demonstrate14 Demoralised15 Demoralized24 Demosthenic19 Demountable16 Demyelinate17 Denaturised13 Denaturized22 Denigrating14 Denigration13 Denigrative16 Denigratory16 Denominated15 Denominator14 Denotations12 Denticulate14 Denumerable16 Deoxygenate23 Deoxyribose24 Departments16 Deployments19 Depopulated17 Deportation14 Depositions14 Depravation17 Deprecating17 Deprecation16 Deprecative19 Deprecatory19 Depreciated17 Depreciates16 Depreciator16 Depredation15 Depressants14 Depressions14 Depressives17 Deprivation17 Deputations14 Derailments14 Derangement15 Derecognise15 Derecognize24 Deregulated14 Deregulator13 Dereliction14 Derivations15 Derivatives18 Dermatology18 Derogations13 Desacralise14 Desacralize23 Desaturated13 Descendants15 Descendents15 Describable18 Description16 Descriptive19 Descriptors16 Desecrating15 Desecration14 Desegregate14 Desensitise12 Desensitize21 Desexualise19 Desexualize28 Desiccation16 Desideratum15 Designating14 Designation13 Designative16 Designators13 Desipramine16 Desirabilia14 Despatching20 Desperately17 Desperation14 Despoilment16 Despondence17 Despondency20 Dessication14 Destabilise14 Destabilize23 Destalinise12 Destalinize21 Destination12 Destitution12 Destroyable17 Destructing15 Destruction14 Destructive17 Desulfurise15 Desulfurize24 Desultorily15 Detachments19 Deteriorate12 Determinacy19 Determinant14 Determinate14 Determining15 Determinism16 Determinist14 Detestation12 Detonations12 Detribalise14 Detribalize23 Detrimental14 Devaluation15 Devastating16 Devastation15 Development19 Deviousness15 Devolvement20 Devotedness16 Dexterously22 Diacritical16 Diagnosable15 Diagnostics15 Diagonalise13 Diagonalize22 Diagramming18 Dialectical16 Diamagnetic17 Diametrical16 Diamondback23 Diaphoresis17 Diaphoretic19 Diarrhoetic17 Diarthrosis15 Dicamptodon19 Dichotomies19 Dichotomise19 Dichotomize28 Dichotomous19 Dichromatic21 Dicotyledon18 Dictatorial14 Didacticism19 Diddly-squat26 Diddlysquat26 Dielectrics16 Differences20 Differentia18 Differently21 Diffidently22 Diffracting21 Diffraction20 Diffuseness18 Diffusional18 Diffusivity24 Digitigrade15 Dignitaries13 Digressions13 Dilapidated16 Dilettantes12 Dimensional14 Dimensioned15 Diminishing18 Diminutives17 Diplococcus20 Diplomatist16 Dipsomaniac18 Dipterocarp18 Directional14 Directivity20 Directorate14 Directorial14 Directories14 Dirty-minded19 Disablement16 Disaffected21 Disafforest18 Disagreeing14 Disallowing16 Disappeared17 Disappoints16 Disapproval19 Disapproved20 Disapproves19 Disarmament16 Disarmingly18 Disarranged14 Disassemble16 Disassembly19 Disavowable20 Disbandment17 Disbelieved18 Disbeliever17 Discalceate16 Discernable16 Discernible16 Discernibly19 Discernment16 Discharging19 Disciplinal16 Disciplined17 Disciplines16 Disclaimers16 Disclaiming17 Disclosures14 Discography23 Discolorise14 Discolorize23 Discoloured15 Discomfited20 Discomforts19 Discomposed19 Discomycete21 Disconnects16 Discontents14 Discontinue14 Discordance17 Discotheque26 Discounting15 Discouraged16 Discourages15 Discouragin15 Discoursing15 Discourtesy17 Discoverers17 Discoveries17 Discovering18 Discredited16 Discrepancy21 Discussable16 Discussions14 Disembarked21 Disembodied18 Disembowels19 Disencumber18 Disengaging15 Disentangle13 Disfiguring17 Disfunction17 Disgraceful18 Disgruntled14 Disgustedly17 Dishevelled19 Dishonestly18 Dishonoured16 Dishwashers21 Dishwashing22 Disillusion12 Disinclined15 Disinfected18 Disinterest12 Disinterred13 Disjunction21 Disjunctive24 Disjuncture21 Dislocating15 Dislocation14 Dislodgment16 Dislogistic15 Dismantling15 Dismembered19 Dismissible16 Dismounting15 Disobedient15 Disobliging16 Disorganise13 Disorganize22 Disoriented13 Disparaging16 Disparities14 Dispatchers19 Dispatching20 Dispensable16 Dispersions14 Dispiriting15 Displayable19 Displeasing15 Displeasure14 Disposables16 Disposition14 Disprovable19 Disputation14 Disputative17 Disquieting22 Disquietude22 Disregarded15 Disrespects16 Disruptions14 Dissections14 Dissembling17 Disseminate14 Dissensions12 Dissentient12 Dissentious12 Dissilience14 Dissimilate14 Dissimulate14 Dissipating15 Dissipation14 Dissipative17 Dissociable16 Dissociated15 Dissolutely15 Dissolution12 Dissolvable17 Dissonances14 Dissyllable17 Dissymmetry22 Distasteful15 Distempered17 Distensible14 Distillment14 Distinction14 Distinctive17 Distinguish16 Distortable14 Distortions12 Distracting15 Distraction14 Distressful15 Distressing13 Distributed15 Distributer14 Distributes14 Distributor14 Districting15 Distrustful15 Distrusting13 Disturbance16 Dithyrambic24 Divebombing22 Dive-bombing22 Divergences18 Diverseness15 Diversified19 Diversifies18 Diversities15 Divertingly19 Divestiture15 Divestments17 Divorcement19 Divulgement18 Doctorspeak20 Doctrinaire14 Doctrinally17 Documentary19 Documenting17 Dodecahedra19 Dolabriform19 Dolefulness15 Dolphinfish23 Domesticate16 Domesticise16 Domesticity19 Domesticize25 Domiciliary19 Domiciliate16 Domineering15 Doodly-squat25 Doorhandles16 Doorkeepers18 Doorknocker22 Doorstopper16 Dormitories14 Double-bogey20 Doublecross16 Double-edged17 Double-faced20 Double-glaze24 Double-quick29 Double-space18 Doublespeak20 Doublethink21 Doubtlessly17 Douroucouli14 Downgrading18 Downhearted19 Downloading17 Downtoearth18 Down-to-earth18 Downtrodden17 Doxorubicin23 Doxycycline29 Dragonflies16 Dramatising15 Dramaturgic17 Drastically17 Draughtiest16 Draughtsman18 Draughtsmen18 Drawbridges19 Dreadnaught17 Dreadnought17 Dressmakers18 Dressmaking19 Dromaeosaur14 Dromedaries15 Drunkenness16 Drycleaning18 Dry-gulching22 Dubiousness14 Ductileness14 Dumbfounded21 Dumfounding19 Dun-coloured15 Duplicating17 Duplication16 Duplicative19 Duplicators16 Duplicities16 Duplicitous16 Dust-covered18 Dutifulness15 Dynamically22 Dynamometer19 Dyscalculia19 Dysfunction20 Dyslogistic18 Dyssynergia19
Daily Double Dairy Cattle Dairy Farmer Daisy Cutter Dallis Grass Dammar Resin Damper Block Dance Lesson Dance Master Dance Palace Dance School Dandle Board Dark Glasses Dark Lantern Dart Thrower Dawn Redwood Day After Day Day In Day Out Day Labourer Deadbeat Dad Deaf As A Post Debris Storm Debris Surge Debt Ceiling Deck Of Cards Deed Of Trust Deep-dish Pie Deep Fording Deep Freezer Deer Hunting Defense Team Deictic Word Delivery Boy Delivery Van Delta Rhythm Deltoid Leaf Demerara Rum Dengue Fever Dental Floss Dental Plate Dentate Leaf Deodar Cedar Dependant On Dependent On Depending On Depth Charge Depth Finder Dermoid Cyst Desert Holly Desert Olive Desert Plant Desert Plume Desk Officer Dessert Wine Devil Nettle Devil's Cigar Diamond Dust Diary Keeper Dibasic Acid Dicot Family Diesel Motor Digital Vein Dimpled Chad Dining Table Dinner Dress Dinner Party Dinner Plate Dinner Table Diploic Vein Direct Trust Dire Straits Dirty Old Man Dirty Tricks Dish Antenna Dish The Dirt Dispatch Box Display Case Ditch Digger Divine Right Diving Board Diving Dress Divining Rod Divorced Man Doctor's Bill Dog Breeding Dog's Mercury Dogwood Tree Dolphin Kick Domestic Ass Domestic Cat Domestic Dog Do The Dishes Do The Honors Double Agent Double Blind Double Bogey Double Check Double Cream Double Creme Double Cross Double Digit Double Dutch Double Eagle Double Entry Double Fault Double First Double Helix Double Quick Double Rhyme Double Sharp Douglas Pine Down Feather Down Payment Downy Mildew Downy Poplar Draft Animal Draft Dodger Draft Evader Dragon's Head Drain Basket Drain The Cup Drama Critic Dramatic Art Draught Beer Draw A Bead On Drawing Card Drawing Lots Drawing Room Drawn Butter Draw The Line Dress Circle Dress Hanger Dress Whites Drilling Bit Drilling Mud Drilling Rig Drill Master Drinking Age Drip Culture Dripping Pan Drive Around Driving Axle Driving Belt Driving Iron Drogue Chute Drop Biscuit Drop Curtain Drop Earring Drop The Ball Drove Chisel Drug Company Drug Of Abuse Drug Peddler Drug Traffic Drum Printer Dry Cleaners Dry Cleaning Dry Gangrene Drying Agent Dry Vermouth Duck Hunting Dugout Canoe Dumdum Fever Dump Routine Dune Cycling Duplex House Dust Wrapper Dusty Miller Dutch Clover Dwindle Away Dwindle Down Dyer's Rocket