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Abient8 Acetin8 Adient7 Auntie6 Beatin8 Binate8 Detain7 Eating7 Enatic8 Entail6 Etamin8 Heatin9 Hentai9 Inmate8 Innate6 Intake10 Ionate6 Native9 Nerita6 Pantie8 Retain6 Retina6 Seatin6 Taenia6 Take-in10 Tisane6 Uniate6 Aconite9 Ailment9 Aliment9 Alterin7 Ambient11 Amenity12 Amentia9 Amniote9 Ancient9 Animate9 Antefix17 Antigen8 Antique16 Anxiety17 Aunties7 Basinet9 Beating10 Beatnik13 Betaine9 Cabinet11 Ceratin9 Certain9 Cheatin12 Creatin9 Cyanite12 Defiant11 Destain8 Detains8 Detrain8 Deviant11 Easting8 Eatings8 Elastin7 Elating8 Elation7 Enation7 Entails7 Entasis7 Entrain7 Estonia7 Etamine9 Fainted11 Fainter10 Gelatin8 Genital8 Gentian8 Granite8 Hairnet10 Heating11 Hematin12 Inertia7 Inexact16 Infante10 Inflate10 Ingesta8 Ingrate8 Inmates9 Instead8 Intakes11 Kainite11 Keratin11 Kyanite14 Latrine7 Leitman9 Matinee9 Mediant10 Minaret9 Miniate9 Mintage10 Naivete10 Naivety13 Nastier7 Natives10 Netmail9 Nictate9 Nitrate7 Painted10 Painter9 Panties9 Pantile9 Patient9 Pen-tail9 Pentail9 Pertain9 Petunia9 Pinnate9 Raiment9 Ratline7 Reitman9 Reliant7 Repaint9 Retains7 Retinal7 Retinas7 Retrain7 Retsina7 Sainted8 Salient7 Saltine7 Sapient9 Satinet7 Seating8 Sinuate7 Stained8 Stainer7 Stearin7 Tagline8 Tainted8 Taurine7 Teach-in12 Teachin12 Teaming10 Tearing8 Teasing8 Terrain7 Tertian7 Tetanic9 Tibetan9 Tinware10 Toenail7 Trade-in8 Tradein8 Trained8 Trainee7 Trainer7 Treatin7 Trenail7 Tweakin14 Urinate7 Vainest10 Venatic12 Ventail10 Vintage11 Weitman12 Zaniest16
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