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As (adverb)

to the same degree (often followed by `as')



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Ads4 Ash6 Ask7 Asp5 Ass3 Das4 Gas4 Has6 Las3 Mas5 Pas5 Sac5 Sad4 Sag4 Sam5 San3 Sap5 Sat3 Saw6 Sax10 Say6 Sea3 Spa5 Vas6 Was6 ABC's8 ABCs8 Aces6 Acts6 Adds6 Ages5 Aids5 Ails4 Aims6 Airs4 Alas4 Ales4 Alms6 Alps6 Also4 Alts4 Amps8 Amys9 Anas4 Ansa4 Ants4 Anus4 Apes6 Apis6 Apse6 Arcs6 Arks8 Arms6 Arse4 Arts4 Asea4 Ashy10 Asia4 Asic6 Asks8 Asps6 Auks8 Avis7 Awls7 Axes11 Axis11 Baas6 Bags7 Bans6 Bars6 Base6 Bash9 Bask10 Bass6 Bast6 Bats6 Bays9 Bias6 Boas6 Bras6 Cabs8 Cads7 Cams8 Cans6 Caps8 Cars6 Casa6 Case6 Cash9 Cask10 Cast6 Cats6 Dabs7 Dads6 Dais5 Dams7 Dash8 Days8 Dias5 Disa5 Ears4 Ease4 East4 Easy7 Eats4 Eras4 Esau4 Eyas7 Fads8 Fags8 Fans7 Fast7 Fats7 Gads6 Gags6 Gals5 Gaps7 Gash8 Gasp7 Gays8 Hags8 Hams9 Hash10 Hasp9 Hats7 Iras4 Jabs13 Jams13 Jars11 Jaws14 Jays14 Kusa8 Labs6 Lacs6 Lads5 Lags5 Laos4 Laps6 Lase4 Lash7 Lass4 Last4 Lats4 Laws7 Lays7 Mags7 Maps8 Mars6 Masa6 Mash9 Mask10 Mass6 Mast6 Mats6 Mesa6 Moas6 Nabs6 Nags5 Naps6 Oafs7 Oaks8 Oars4 Oast4 Oats4 Osha7 Ossa4 Pads7 Pals6 Pans6 Paso6 Pass6 Past6 Pats6 Paws9 Pays9 Peas6 Pisa6 Rags5 Rams6 Raps6 Rase4 Rash7 Rasp6 Rats4 Rays7 Sack10 Saco6 Sacs6 Safe7 Saga5 Sage5 Sago5 Sags5 Said5 Sail4 Sake8 Saki8 Sala4 Sale4 Salp6 Salt4 Sama6 Same6 Sana4 Sand5 Sane4 Sang5 Sank8 Saps6 Sard5 Sari4 Sash7 Sass4 Sate4 Save7 Sawm9 Sawn7 Saws7 Says7 Scab8 Scad7 Scag7 Scam8 Scan6 Scar6 Scat6 Seal4 Seam6 Sear4 Seas4 Seat4 Sera4 Seta4 Shad8 Shag8 Shah10 Sham9 Shaw10 Shay10 Shwa10 Sial4 Siam6 Sika8 Sima6 Skag9 Skua8 Slab6 Slag5 Slam6 Slap6 Slat4 Slav7 Slaw7 Slay7 Snag5 Snap6 Soak8 Soap6 Soar4 Soda5 Sofa7 Soja11 Sola4 Soma6 Soya7 Spam8 Span6 Spar6 Spas6 Spat6 Spay9 Stab6 Stag5 Star4 Stay7 Stoa4 Sura4 Swab9 Swad8 Swag8 Swam9 Swan7 Swap9 Swat7 Sway10 Tabs6 Tags5 Tans4 Taps6 Tars4 Task8 Tasm6 Taxs11 Teas4 Tsar4 Vans7 Vase7 Vast7 Vats7 Visa7 Wads8 Wags8 Wars7 Wash10 Wasp9 Wast7 Ways10 Xmas13 Yaks11 Yams9 Yaps9 Yaws10 Yeas7 Zaps15