7 Letter Words That Start With 'I'

Find all the 7-letter words in the English language that start with I.

There are 289 7-letter words that begin with I.
There are 0 7-letter abbreviations that begin with I.
There are 41 7-letter phrases that begin with I.
Top Scoring 7 Letter Words That Start With I
Rank Word Length Scrabble WWF WordFeud
1 Inquiry 7 19 20 20
2 Ijtihad 7 18 19 20
3 Itemize 7 18 19 18
4 Injokes 7 18 21 20
5 Iodized 7 18 18 18
6 Ionized 7 17 18 17
7 Icepick 7 17 20 20
8 Idolize 7 17 18 17
9 Icepack 7 17 20 20
10 Indexed 7 16 17 12
Iberian9 Ibn-Sina9 Iceberg12 Iceboat11 Icecold12 Ice-cold12 Icefall12 Icefish15 Ice-free12 Iceland10 Icepack17 Icepick17 Icetray12 Icicles11 Iciness9 Icteric11 Icterus9 Ideally11 Idiotic10 Idolise8 Idolize17 Idyllic13 Ignacio10 Ignatia8 Igneous8 Ignited9 Igniter8 Ignites8 Ignitor8 Ignoble10 Ignobly13 Ignored9 Ignores8 Iguanas8 Iguanid9 Ijtihad18 Ileitis7 Ill-bred10 Illegal8 Illicit9 Illness7 Illogic10 Ill-used8 Imagery13 Imagine10 Imaging11 Imagism12 Imbauba13 Imbibed14 Imbiber13 Imitate9 Immense11 Immerse11 Immoral11 Immured12 Impacts13 Impairs11 Impalas11 Impaled12 Impaler11 Impales11 Impanel11 Imparts11 Impasse11 Impasto11 Impeach16 Impeded13 Impedes12 Imperia11 Imperil11 Impetus11 Impiety14 Impinge12 Impious11 Implant11 Implied12 Implies11 Implike15 Implode12 Implore11 Imports11 Imposed12 Imposes11 Impound12 Impress11 Imprint11 Improve14 Impulse11 Imputed12 Inanely10 Inanity10 Inaptly12 Inboard10 Inbound10 Inbuilt9 Incased10 Incense9 Incests9 In-chief15 Inching13 Incised10 Incisor9 Incited10 Inciter9 Incites9 Incline9 Inclose9 Include10 Incomer11 Incomes11 Incrust9 Incubus11 Indents8 Indepth13 Indexed16 Indexer15 Indexes15 Indiana8 Indians8 Indices10 Indicts10 Indigen9 Indoors8 Indorse8 Indrawn11 Induced11 Inducer10 Induces10 Inducts10 Indulge9 Indwell11 Ineptly12 Inertia7 Inexact16 Infancy15 Infanta10 Infante10 Infants10 Infarct12 Infects12 Inferno10 Infests10 Infidel11 Infield11 Inflame12 Inflate10 Inflect12 Inflict12 Inflows13 Informs12 Infract12 Infused11 Infuses10 Ingenue8 Ingesta8 Ingoing9 Ingraft11 Ingrain8 Ingrate8 Ingress8 Ingroup10 Ingrown11 Inhabit12 Inhaled11 Inhaler10 Inhales10 Inherit10 Inhibit12 Inhouse10 Inhuman12 Inhumed13 Initial7 Injects16 Injokes18 Injured15 Injures14 Inkatha14 Inkblot13 Inkiest11 Inkling12 Inkpots13 Inkwell14 Inlands8 In-line6 Inmarry12 Inmates9 Innards8 Innings8 Inosine7 Inquest16 Inquire16 Inquiry19 Inroads8 Insects9 Inserts7 Inshore10 Insider8 Insides8 Insight11 Insipid10 Insists7 Insofar10 Inspect11 Inspire9 Install7 Instant7 Instead8 Insteps9 Instill7 Instils7 Insular7 Insulin7 Insults7 Insured8 Insurer7 Insures7 Intakes11 Integer8 Intends8 Intense7 Intents7 Interim9 Interne7 Interns7 Intimal9 Intoned8 Intones7 Introit7 Intrude8 Intrust7 Inutile7 Invaded12 Invader11 Invades11 Invalid11 Inveigh14 Invents10 Inverse10 Inverts10 Invests10 Invidia11 Invited11 Invitee10 Invites10 Invoice12 Invoked15 Invoker14 Invokes14 Involve13 Inwards11 Inweave13 Iodised9 Iodized18 Ionised8 Ionized17 Iranian7 Irately10 Ireland8 Iridium10 Irksome13 Ironage8 Ironies7 Ironing8 Ironist7 Ironman9 Ischium14 Ishmael12 Islamic11 Islands8 Ismaili9 Isobars9 Isogamy13 Isogone8 Isogram10 Isolate7 Isomers9 Isotope9 Israeli7 Issuers7 Issuing8 Isthmus12 Italian7 Italics9 Itchier12 Itching13 Itemise9 Itemize18 Iterate7 Ivories10
Ice Bear Ice Cube Iced Tea Ice Floe Ice Mass Ice Milk Ice Over Ice Pack Ice Pick Ice Rink Ice Show Ill Fame Ill Luck Ill Turn Ill Will In Brief In Force In Front In Haste Inky Cap In Order In Place In Short In Sight In So Far In Stock In Store In Style In Truth In Utero In Vacuo In Vitro In Vogue Ion Beam Ion Pump Iron Age Iron Man Iron Oak Iron Ore Iron Out Ivy Arum