18 Letter Words That Start With 'C'

Find all the 18-letter words in the English language that start with C.

There are 22 18-letter words that begin with C.
There are 0 18-letter abbreviations that begin with C.
There are 128 18-letter phrases that begin with C.
Caterpillar-tracked29 Characteristically30 Chemotherapeutical32 Chloroacetophenone30 Chlorofluorocarbon30 Circumnavigational28 Coccidioidomycosis33 Columbite-tantalite24 Compartmentalising27 Conceptualisations24 Consciencestricken30 Constitutionalists20 Conversationalists23 Corrosion-resistant20 Counterbombardment29 Counterintuitively26 Counterreformation25 Cross-fertilisation23 Cross-fertilization32 Crossfertilisation23 Cylindrical-stemmed31 Cytoarchitectonics32
Calcium Bicarbonate Calculating Machine Canalis Vertebralis Capital Expenditure Caprimulgiform Bird Carbonnade Flamande Cardioid Microphone Carrying Into Action Cartridge Extractor Cascade Everlasting Cascade Transformer Cash Surrender Value Cataloged Procedure Catalytic Converter Celestial Hierarchy Celestial Longitude Celestial Mechanics Cerebral Hemisphere Cerebral Hemorrhage Cerebral Thrombosis Cerebrospinal Fever Cerebrospinal Fluid Chairman Of The Board Character Reference Chemical Attraction Chemical Operations Chemical Phenomenon Child Welfare Agency Cholesterosis Cutis Chromosomal Anomaly Circulating Decimal Circulating Library Circulatory Failure Class Coniferopsida Class Cyanobacteria Class Pyrenomycetes Classical Mechanics Classical Mythology Clear-air Turbulence Climbing Maidenhair Climbing Nightshade Climbing Salamander Clinical Depression Clinical Psychology Closed-heart Surgery Coelenterate Family Cognitive Operation Cognitive Scientist Cognitive Semantics Collapsible Shelter Collective Security Combat Intelligence Come Out Of The Closet Commercial Activity Commercial Document Commercial Traveler Comminuted Fracture Commodity Brokerage Common American Shad Common Cardinal Vein Common Lady's-slipper Common Morning Glory Common Pitcher Plant Common Staghorn Fern Common Unicorn Plant Common White Dogwood Common Yellowthroat Comparative Anatomy Compassionate Leave Compatible Software Complement Fixation Complementary Color Complete Blood Count Compound Microscope Compound Morphology Compression Bandage Computed Tomography Computer Memory Unit Computer Peripheral Computer Programing Computer Programmer Computer Simulation Computer Technology Conditioned Emotion Conduction Deafness Cone Friction Clutch Confederate Jasmine Conflict Of Interest Congenital Disorder Conjugal Visitation Conservation Of Mass Construction Worker Constructive Breach Consumer Price Index Contagious Abortion Contempt Of Congress Continental Glacier Continuing Trespass Contract Of Adhesion Convergent Thinking Conversion Disorder Conversion Hysteria Conversion Reaction Convolution Of Broca Coordinate Geometry Coronary Thrombosis Corporal Punishment Corporate Executive Corrosive Sublimate Corrugated Fastener Corticospinal Tract Counterbattery Fire Countervailing Duty Creeping Bellflower Creeping Wood Sorrel Crescent-cell Anemia Criminal Negligence Criminal Possession Crisis Intervention Crocodilian Reptile Cross-country Riding Cross-country Skiing Crystallized Ginger Culpable Negligence Curled Leaf Pondweed Current Electricity Custard-apple Family Cutaneous Sensation