17 Letter Words That Start With 'C'

Find all the 17-letter words in the English language that start with C.

There are 48 17-letter words that begin with C.
There are 0 17-letter abbreviations that begin with C.
There are 201 17-letter phrases that begin with C.
Cardiorespiratory25 Cerebromeningitis24 Characterisations24 Chemiluminescence30 Chlortetracycline29 Chocolate-coloured27 Chromatographical32 Chromolithography36 Commercialisation25 Commercialization34 Communicativeness28 Companionableness25 Compartmentalised26 Compartmentalized35 Compassionateness23 Comprehensibility31 Comprehensiveness29 Conceptualisation23 Conceptualization32 Condescendingness24 Congregationalist21 Conscience-smitten25 Conscientiousness21 Constitutionalise19 Constitutionalism21 Constitutionalist19 Constitutionality22 Constitutionalize28 Consubstantiation21 Contemplativeness26 Contemporaneously26 Contextualisation26 Contradictoriness22 Contradistinction22 Contradistinguish24 Contraindications22 Conversationalist22 Costeffectiveness30 Counterattraction21 Counterfactuality27 Counterinsurgency25 Counterproductive27 Counterrevolution22 Countersubversion24 Cryptographically35 Crystallographers28 Cytoarchitectonic31 Cytoarchitectural29
Cadmium Yellow Pale Caesarean Delivery Caesarian Delivery Cafeteria Facility Calycanthus Family Canalis Inguinalis Candied Citrus Peel Capillary Fracture Capital Punishment Capitalist Economy Carbon Monoxide Gas Carbon Tetrahalide Cardiac Arrhythmia Career Counselling Cartilaginous Fish Cartilaginous Tube Case-hardened Steel Castration Anxiety Cat Scratch Disease Cationic Detergent Caudal Anaesthesia Cautious Statement Celestial Guidance Celestial Latitude Cellular Inclusion Cellular Slime Mold Cellular Telephone Cellulose Xanthate Center Of Attention Center Of Curvature Center Of Flotation Center Of Immersion Central Chimpanzee Centre Of Attention Centre Of Curvature Centre Of Flotation Cephalopod Mollusk Chamber Of Commerce Chambered Nautilus Chameleon Tree Frog Change Of Direction Change Of Integrity Change Of Magnitude Charred Pancake Cup Check-out Procedure Checkered Daffodil Checkered Whiptail Chemical Mechanism Chemical Substance Chemical Terrorism Chicken Cacciatora Chicken Cacciatore Chicken Cordon Bleu Chicken Provencale Chicken Tetrazzini Chief Petty Officer Chimney Bellflower Chocolate Ice Cream Chrome-nickel Steel Chromosome Mapping Chronic Bronchitis Ciliated Protozoan Circle Of Curvature Circulatory System Cirrocumulus Cloud Cirrostratus Cloud Citizens Committee Civil Disobedience Civil Rights Leader Civil Rights Worker Cladistic Analysis Class Cyanophyceae Class Cyclosporeae Clean Bill Of Health Cleaning Equipment Cleaning Implement Climbing Corydalis Climbing Hydrangea Clinical Neurology Clockwise Rotation Clockwork Universe Clomiphene Citrate Closed Corporation Coagulation Factor Coast Rhododendron Coastal Diving Bird Coastal Rein Orchid Cobalt Ultramarine Coefficient Of Drag Coelenterate Genus Cognovit Judgement Coitus Interruptus Cold Stuffed Tomato Colloidal Solution Collotype Printing Colonic Irrigation Coloratura Soprano Colouring Material Combined Operation Commanding Officer Commercial Bribery Commercial Message Committal To Memory Commodities Market Commodity Exchange Common Bog Rosemary Common Cotton Grass Common Denominator Common European Ash Common European Jay Common Garden Cress Common Garter Snake Common Iliac Artery Common Scurvy Grass Common Spindle Tree Common St John's Wort Common-law Marriage Community Property Commutation Ticket Compact-disk Burner Comparative Degree Competence Hearing Composite Material Compromise Verdict Compulsory Process Computer Accessory Computer Operation Computer Programme Computer Scientist Concave Polyhedron Concentration Camp Concurring Opinion Condensation Trail Conditional Reflex Conditioned Reflex Conduction Aphasia Congenital Anomaly Congenital Disease Conical Projection Conjugate Solution Conjugated Protein Conjunctival Veins Consonantal System Constant-width Font Construction Paper Constructive Fraud Constructive Trust Consulting Company Consulting Service Contact Dermatitis Contagious Disease Contemporary World Continental Divide Continued Fraction Contraceptive Pill Contract Under Seal Control Experiment Convergent Thinker Conversation Piece Conveyance Of Title Copepod Crustacean Corneal Transplant Coronary Occlusion Corporate Investor Corps Diplomatique Corpuscular Theory Correlation Matrix Cortical Potential Cosmetic Dentistry Cost-of-living Index Cost-pull Inflation Costoaxillary Vein Countermortar Fire Country And Western Crab-eating Macaque Crab-eating Opossum Crab-eating Raccoon Cracked-wheat Bread Craniometric Point Cream-of-tartar Tree Creatine Phosphate Creating By Removal Credit Application Creeping Bentgrass Creeping Buttercup Creeping Snowberry Creeping Soft Grass Creeping Spike Rush Crested Wheat Grass Crested Wheatgrass Critical Appraisal Cryptic Coloration Crystal Microphone Crystal Oscillator Crystallized Fruit Cult Of Personality Cultivated Cabbage Cultivated Parsnip Cumulonimbus Cloud Cyclic Neutropenia Cytologic Specimen