16 Letter Words That Start With 'H'

Find all the 16-letter words in the English language that start with H.

There are 30 16-letter words that begin with H.
There are 0 16-letter abbreviations that begin with H.
There are 58 16-letter phrases that begin with H.
Haematocytopenia28 Headmistressship27 Heavyheartedness29 Hemagglutination23 Hematocolpometra27 Hemimetamorphous30 Hemoglobinopathy32 Hemorrhoidectomy32 Heterometabolism25 Heterometabolous23 Hieroglyphically33 Higgledy-piggledy33 Higgledypiggledy33 High-spiritedness26 Honest-to-goodness21 Hundred-percenter25 Hydroelectricity30 Hypercellularity29 Hyperlipoidaemia29 Hyperpituitarism28 Hypersensitivity30 Hyperventilating28 Hyperventilation27 Hypervitaminosis29 Hypophysectomise36 Hypophysectomize45 Hypopigmentation29 Hypothalamically34 Hypothrombinemia33 Hysterocatalepsy29
Habitual Abortion Habitual Criminal Hairline Fracture Hairy Finger Grass Hairy Golden Aster Hairy Honeysuckle Hand-held Computer Harmonic Analysis Head Cabbage Plant Health Profession Heart-leaved Aster Heart-lung Machine Heat Hyperpyrexia Hemorrhagic Fever Hemorrhoidal Vein Heterocyclic Ring Heterodactyl Foot Heuristic Program Hexacosanoic Acid Hexadecanoic Acid Hexadecimal Digit Hierarchical Menu High Commissioner Histamine Blocker Historical Record Historical School Hither And Thither Holistic Medicine Home Away From Home Home Equity Credit Homogentisic Acid Honorable Mention Horseradish Sauce Hospital Chaplain Hot-rock Penstemon Hound's-tooth Check Houndstooth Check House Of Detention House Of Ill Repute Hurricane Lantern Hyaline Cartilage Hydatidiform Mole Hydrochloric Acid Hydrofluoric Acid Hydrogen Chloride Hydrogen Fluoride Hydrogen Peroxide Hydrophytic Plant Hydroplane Racing Hypermedia System Hypochlorous Acid Hypodermic Needle Hypoglossal Nerve Hypophyseal Stalk Hypophysial Dwarf Hypoplastic Dwarf Hypovolemic Shock Hysteron Proteron