16 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 21 16-letter words with X in.
There are 0 16-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 102 16-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Ambidextrousness28 Chlordiazepoxide41 Cross-examination27 Crossexamination27 Dimethylglyoxime38 Existentialistic25 Experimentalists27 Expressionlessly28 Extemporaneously30 Extraterrestrial23 Extraterritorial23 Inexpressibility30 Inextinguishable29 Lexicostatistics27 Neoexpressionism27 Overexploitation28 Oxyphencyclimine40 Phenyltoloxamine33 Profit-maximising33 Profit-maximizing42 Sulfamethoxazole40
Account Executive Antianxiety Agent Apex Of The Sun's Way Approximate Range Arteria Axillaris Articulatio Coxae Auxiliary Storage Calcium Hydroxide Circumflex Artery Complex Conjugate Convex Polyhedron Cutaneous Anthrax Defecation Reflex Deterrent Example Dot Matrix Printer Efficiency Expert Esophageal Reflux Examination Paper Exanthema Subitum Exclamation Point Exclusionary Rule Excretory Product Executive Council Executive Officer Executive Program Executive Routine Executive Session Exemplary Damages Exercising Weight Exhibition Season Exoergic Reaction Exogenous Obesity Experimenter Bias Explorer's Gentian Explosive Mixture Exponential Curve Exponential Decay Extension Service External Body Part Facial Expression Final Examination Fire Extinguisher Fixed-point Number Florist's Gloxinia Fuel-air Explosive Give It The Deep Six Heat Hyperpyrexia Hexacosanoic Acid Hexadecanoic Acid Hexadecimal Digit Hydrogen Peroxide Impulse Explosive Income Tax Bracket Indecent Exposure Isotonic Exercise Lexical Ambiguity Lexical Semantics Luminous Flux Unit Magnetic Flux Unit Medium Of Exchange Mental Exhaustion Mesenteric Plexus Method Of Fluxions Monoamine Oxidase Nitrogen Fixation Nontextual Matter Nuclear Explosion Off-axis Reflector Old-field Toadflax Operating Expense Overexert Oneself Paradoxical Sleep Pharyngeal Reflex Physical Exercise Physical Exertion Plastic Explosive Plexus Autonomici Plexus Brachialis Plexus Cervicalis Plexus Choroideus Plexus Pulmonalis Prefrontal Cortex Pulmonary Anthrax Reflexive Pronoun Regression Of Y On X Relaxation Method Retail Price Index Safety Deposit Box Sexual Abstention Sexual Attraction Sexual Harassment Sexual Immorality Sexual Perversion Stock Market Index Tenor Saxophonist Tetanus Antitoxin Textile Screw Pine Textual Criticism To A Greater Extent Turn Of Expression Western Saxifrage Xerophilous Plant