13 Letter Words That Start With 'D'

Find all the 13-letter words in the English language that start with D.

There are 251 13-letter words that begin with D.
There are 0 13-letter abbreviations that begin with D.
There are 144 13-letter phrases that begin with D.
Dactylomegaly25 Daddylonglegs21 Daguerreotype20 Dancing-master19 Dangerousness15 Dastardliness15 Daughterinlaw21 Daughter-in-law21 Dauntlessness14 Deaminization25 Decaffeinated23 Decapitations18 Decarboxylase28 Decarboxylate28 Deceitfulness19 Decelerations16 Decentralised17 Decentralized26 Deceptiveness21 Decipherments23 Decomposition20 Decompressing21 Decompression20 Deconcentrate18 Decongestants17 Deconsecrated19 Deconstructed19 Decontaminate18 Deconvolution19 Decortication18 Decrepitation18 Decriminalise18 Decriminalize27 Defectiveness22 Defencelessly22 Defenestrated18 Defenselessly20 Defensibility22 Defensiveness20 Deferentially20 Defervescence24 Defibrillator19 Deforestation17 Deformational19 Deglycerolise20 Deglycerolize29 Dehydrogenate22 Deipnosophist21 Delectability21 Deleteriously17 Deliberations16 Delicatessens16 Deliciousness16 Demasculinise18 Demasculinize27 Dematerialise16 Dematerialize25 Demilitarised17 Democratising19 Demonstrating17 Demonstration16 Demonstrative19 Demonstrators16 Demyelination19 Demythologise23 Demythologize32 Denationalise14 Denationalize23 Denominations16 Denouncements18 Densification19 Denunciations16 Deoxycytidine30 Dependability22 Depersonalise16 Depersonalize25 Deprecatingly22 Deprecatively24 Derequisition23 Dermatologist17 Descriptively24 Descriptivism23 Desegregation16 Desensitising15 Desensitizing24 Deservingness18 Designational15 Desirableness16 Despicability23 Destabilising17 Destructively22 Desultoriness14 Desynchronise22 Desynchronize31 Detectability21 Deteriorating15 Deterioration14 Determinately19 Determination16 Determinative19 Deterministic18 Detrimentally19 Deutschemarks25 Devastatingly21 Developmental21 Dexamethasone26 Dextroglucose24 Diagnostician17 Diagonalising16 Dialectically21 Diametrically21 Diaphragmatic24 Dichotomously24 Dicloxacillin25 Dictatorially19 Dictatorships21 Differentials20 Differentiate20 Difficultness22 Digestibility20 Dilettanteish17 Dimensionally19 Dimensionless16 Directionally19 Directionless16 Directiveness19 Directorships21 Disadvantaged20 Disadvantages19 Disaffiliated21 Disaggregated18 Disagreements17 Disambiguated20 Disambiguator19 Disappearance20 Disappointing19 Disarticulate16 Disassembling19 Disassociated17 Disbursements18 Discoloration16 Discomforting22 Discomycetous23 Disconcerting19 Disconcertion18 Disconfirming22 Disconnecting19 Disconnection18 Discontinuing17 Discontinuity19 Discontinuous16 Discreditable19 Discreditably22 Discrepancies20 Discretionary19 Discriminable20 Discriminants18 Discriminated19 Discriminates18 Discriminator18 Disembarkment24 Disembodiment21 Disembowelled22 Disenchanting20 Disengagement18 Disentangling16 Disfiguration18 Disfigurement20 Disfranchised23 Disgracefully23 Disharmonious19 Disheartening18 Dishonourable19 Dishonourably22 Disillusioned15 Disincentives19 Disinfectants19 Disintegrable17 Disintegrated16 Disintegrates15 Disinterested15 Disinvestment19 Dismantlement18 Dismemberment22 Disobediently20 Disorganising16 Disorientated15 Disparagement19 Disparagingly21 Disparateness16 Dispassionate16 Dispensations16 Displacements20 Displeasingly20 Dispossession16 Disproportion18 Disqualifying30 Disquietingly27 Disquisitions23 Disregardless16 Disrespectful21 Dissatisfying21 Disseminating17 Dissemination16 Disseminative19 Dissertations14 Dissimilarity19 Dissimilation16 Dissimilitude17 Dissimulation16 Dissimulative19 Dissolubility19 Dissoluteness14 Distastefully20 Distillations14 Distinctively22 Distinguished19 Distinguishes18 Distortionist14 Distractingly20 Distressfully20 Distressingly18 Distributable18 Distributions16 Distrustfully20 Documentaries18 Documentation18 Dolichocranic23 Domestication18 Domiciliation18 Domineeringly20 Doppelzentner27 Dostoyevskian24 Double-checks26 Double-chinned22 Double-crosser18 Doubledealing18 Double-dealing18 Doubledeckers23 Double-jointed24 Double-spacing21 Double-tongued18 Downrightness21 Draftsmanship24 Dramatisation16 Dramatization25 Dramaturgical19 Dryopithecine24 Duplicability23 Dusky-coloured24 Dysfunctional22
Daddy Longlegs Daisy Fleabane Damage Control Dancing School Danse Du Ventre Dark Chocolate Dark-eyed Junco Darning Needle Data Converter Data Hierarchy Data Processor Data Structure Day Care Center Dead-end Street Dead-man's Float Dead Reckoning Death Instinct Debenture Bond Decimal System Decision Maker Decision Table Deep In Thought Default Option Defence Policy Defence System Defending Team Defense Lawyer Defense Policy Defense System Degree Celsius Degree Of A Term Degree Program Degressive Tax Delayed Action Delivery Truck Deltoid Muscle Demand Deposit Demand Feeding Demerara Sugar Dental Amalgam Dental Anatomy Dental Implant Dental Surgeon Dental Surgery Dentist's Drill Departure Gate Departure Time Dependant Upon Dependent Upon Deputy Sheriff Detached House Detective Work Detention Camp Detention Cell Detention Home Deus Ex Machina Dial Telephone Diatonic Scale Dichromic Acid Diffuse Nebula Diffusion Pump Digestive Tube Digital Camera Dihybrid Cross Diningroom Set Dinner Service Dinner Theater Dinner Theatre Dipole Antenna Direct Antonym Direct Current Directed Study Direct Primary Direct Support Discharge Lamp Discharge Pipe Discount Chain Discount House Discount Store Dispatch Rider Display Window Disposal Plant Dithered Color Diverging Lens Divine Service Divinity Fudge Divorce Lawyer Dizygotic Twin Doctor's Degree Dogbane Family Doggerel Verse Dog's Breakfast Dogwood Family Domestic Llama Domestic Sheep Dormitory Room Dot Com Company Double Bassoon Double Crochet Double Damages Double Dipping Double Dribble Double Feature Double Glazing Double Obelisk Double Reverse Douglas Spruce Dovetail Joint Dovetail Plane Down The Stairs Downy Wood Mint Doxastic Logic Drafting Board Drafting Table Drag One's Heels Drainage Basin Drainage Ditch Draining Board Dramatic Event Dramatic Irony Drawing String Drawstring Bag Dressed To Kill Dressing Table Drilling Fluid Drinking Glass Drinking Straw Drinking Water Driving School Drooping Brome Drop-leaf Table Drop Like Flies Drop-off Charge Drop One's Serve Drug Addiction Drum Majorette Drumstick Tree Ductless Gland Duodenal Smear Duodenal Ulcer Dusting Powder Dwelling House Dwindling Away Dyer's Woodruff