13 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 136 13-letter words with X in.
There are 0 13-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 132 13-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Ambidexterity28 Anomalopteryx27 Approximately29 Approximating27 Approximation26 Approximative29 Archaeopteryx30 Axiomatically27 Chlorhexidine29 Ciprofloxacin29 Cocarboxylase29 Concavo-convex32 Contextualism24 Convexo-convex37 Cross-examiner24 Crossexamined25 Crossexamines24 Decarboxylase28 Decarboxylate28 Deoxycytidine30 Dexamethasone26 Dextroglucose24 Dicloxacillin25 Enterotoxemia22 Exaggeratedly26 Exaggerations22 Exasperatedly26 Exceptionable26 Exceptionally27 Excessiveness25 Excitableness24 Exclusiveness25 Excommunicate28 Excursionists22 Executability27 Exhibitioners25 Exhibitionism27 Exhibitionist25 Existentially23 Expandability28 Expansiveness25 Expectational24 Expectoration24 Expeditionary26 Expeditiously26 Expensiveness25 Experimenters24 Experimenting25 Exploitations22 Explosiveness25 Exponentially25 Exportability27 Expostulating23 Expostulation22 Expressionism24 Expressionist22 Expropriation24 Exquisiteness29 Extemporarily27 Extendability26 Extensibility25 Extensionally23 Extensiveness23 Exterminating23 Extermination22 Exterminators22 Exteroception24 Exteroceptive27 Exterritorial20 Extinguishers24 Extinguishing25 Extortionists20 Extracellular22 Extragalactic25 Extrajudicial30 Extraordinary24 Extrapolating23 Extrapolation22 Extrasystolic25 Extravagances26 Extravagantly27 Extravaganzas33 Extravasation23 Extrinsically25 Extrospective27 Flexibilities25 Heterosexuals23 Homosexualism27 Homosexuality28 Hydroxymethyl38 Inexactitudes23 Inexhaustible25 Inexhaustibly28 Inexorability25 Inexpediently26 Inexpensively28 Inexperienced25 Inexpressible24 Inexpressibly27 Inexpungeable25 Inflexibility28 Juxtaposition29 Lexicographer28 Lexicographic30 Luxembourgian25 Luxuriousness20 Maxillodental23 Maxillofacial27 Mind-expanding27 Myxobacterium31 Myxosporidian28 Obnoxiousness22 Oxyhemoglobin31 Paradoxically28 Paramyxovirus30 Proparoxytone27 Radiogalaxies22 Reexamination22 Reflexiveness26 Rough-textured25 Self-examining26 Sexploitation22 Taxdeductible26 Taxonomically27 Toxicological25 Toxoplasmosis24 Underexposure23 Unexceptional24 Unexplainable24 Unexplorative25 Unexploratory25 Unexpressible24 Unintoxicated23 Xanthomatosis25 Xerophthalmia30 Xerophthalmus30
Adrenal Cortex Almond Extract Aluminum Oxide Anemic Hypoxia Anxiety Attack Arsenous Oxide Art Exhibition ASCII Text File Ataxic Aphasia Atrium Dextrum Auxiliary Cell Auxiliary Pump Auxiliary Verb Axial Rotation Axial Skeleton Axillary Fossa Barium Dioxide Bissextile Day Body Mass Index Business Index Candelilla Wax Carbon Dioxide Carboxyl Group Cardiac Plexus Carotid Plexus Cephalic Index Choroid Plexus Cigar-box Cedar Coeliac Plexus Complex Number Concrete Mixer Convex Polygon Crab-eating Fox Cytotoxic Drug Degressive Tax Deus Ex Machina Doxastic Logic Electric Mixer Emergency Exit Excitable Area Excursion Rate Execution Sale Exhaust System Exocrine Gland Expanding Upon Expansion Bolt Expansion Slot Expected Value Expense Record Expert Witness Explosive Unit Exposure Meter Extend Oneself Extended Order Extension Cord Exterior Angle External Angle External Drive External Organ Extra Dividend False Foxglove Flexible Joint Foxtail Barley Foxtail Millet Foxtail Orchid Frontal Cortex Greek Orthodox Heat Exchanger Herpes Simplex High Explosive Hydrated Oxide Hydroxyl Group Index Register Infix Notation Matrix Algebra Matrix Printer Maxillary Vein Meadow Foxtail Medical Extern Mental Lexicon Mixed Marriage Mixed Metaphor Mixed Nuisance Mountain Phlox Moving Expense Nalidixic Acid Nitrogen Oxide Orange Tortrix Orthodox Sleep Otitis Externa Oxheart Cherry Oxygen Deficit Par Excellence Parallel Axiom Peroxide Blond Plantar Reflex Post-Office Box Principal Axis Reflexive Verb Religious Text Rooting Reflex Semimajor Axis Semiminor Axis Sex Chromosome Sexual Arousal Sexual Assault Sixteenth Note Sixteenth Part Smallpox Virus Solar Parallax Soldering Flux Star Saxifrage Startle Reflex Stock Exchange Straw Foxglove Stretch Reflex Striate Cortex Sulfur Dioxide Syntax Checker Take Exception Tax Assessment Tax Collection Textual Matter Tic Douloureux Titanium Oxide Toxic Dumpsite Travel Expense Uranyl Oxalate Uterine Cervix Value-added Tax Vernal Equinox Water Flaxseed