11 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 266 11-letter words with X in.
There are 0 11-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 93 11-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Adoxography28 Alexandrian19 Alexandrite19 Amoxicillin22 Anaphylaxis26 Annexations18 Antioxidant19 Anxiousness18 Approximate24 Asphyxiated27 Asphyxiator26 Auxiliaries18 Axerophthol26 Axiological21 Axiomatical22 Bisexuality23 Boxershorts23 Bulimarexia22 Carboxylate25 Ceftriaxone23 Coexistence22 Coextension20 Coextensive23 Complexions24 Complexness24 Crucifixion25 Deoxygenate23 Deoxyribose24 Desexualise19 Desexualize28 Dexterously22 Doxorubicin23 Doxycycline29 Enterotoxin18 Ex-boyfriend27 Ex-directory24 Exacerbated23 Exacerbates22 Exaggerated21 Exaggerates20 Examination20 Exasperated21 Excavations23 Exceedingly25 Excellently23 Exceptional22 Excessively26 Excitations20 Excitements22 Exclamation22 Exclamatory25 Exclusively26 Exclusivist23 Exclusivity26 Excogitator21 Excoriation20 Excrescence24 Exculpation22 Exculpatory25 Executioner20 Exemplified26 Exemplifies25 Exercisable22 Exfoliation21 Exhalations21 Exhaustible23 Exhibitions23 Exhilarated22 Exhortation21 Exhortative24 Exhortatory24 Existential18 Exogenously22 Exonerating19 Exoneration18 Exonerative21 Exonuclease20 Exorbitance22 Exoskeleton22 Expansively26 Expansivity26 Expatiation20 Expatriated21 Expatriates20 Expectantly25 Expectation22 Expectorant22 Expectorate22 Expediently24 Expeditions21 Expeditious21 Expenditure21 Expensively26 Experienced23 Experiences22 Experiments22 Explainable22 Explanandum23 Explanation20 Explanatory23 Explicandum25 Explication22 Explicative25 Exploitable22 Exploration20 Explorative23 Exploratory23 Explosively26 Exponential20 Exportation20 Expositions20 Expostulate20 Express-mail22 Expressible22 Expressions20 Expropriate22 Expurgating22 Expurgation21 Exquisitely30 Extemporary25 Extemporise22 Extemporize31 Extensional18 Extensively24 Extenuating19 Extenuation18 Exteriorise18 Exteriorize27 Exterminate20 Externalise18 Externality21 Externalize27 Extinctions20 Extirpation20 Extortioner18 Extractable22 Extractible22 Extractions20 Extraditing20 Extradition19 Extrapolate20 Extravagant22 Extravasate21 Extraverted22 Extremeness20 Extremities20 Extricating21 Extrication20 Extroverted22 Exuberantly23 Flexibility26 Floxuridine22 Genuflexion22 Haemothorax26 Hepatotoxic25 Hepatotoxin23 Hexadecimal26 Highly-sexed29 Homosexuals23 Hydrothorax28 Hydroxyzine37 Hyperextend27 Inexactness20 Inexcusable22 Inexcusably25 Inexpedient21 Inexpensive23 Inexperient20 Intermixing21 Intersexual18 Intoxicants20 Intoxicated21 Juxtaposing28 Letterboxes20 Lexicalised21 Lexicalized30 Luxemburger23 Luxuriantly21 Luxuriating19 Luxuriation18 Luxuriously21 Metrosexual20 Multiplexed23 Multiplexer22 Multiplexes22 Multiplexor22 Myxomatosis25 Nasopharynx26 Negotiatrix19 Nephrotoxic25 Nephrotoxin23 Nonexistent18 Noxiousness18 Obnoxiously23 One-sixtieth21 Orthodoxies22 Overanxiety24 Overanxious21 Overexcited24 Overexploit23 Overexposed24 Oxalacetate20 Oxidisation19 Oxidization28 Oxygenating23 Oxygenation22 Paleocortex22 Paradoxical23 Perplexedly26 Planoconvex25 Pre-existent20 Pre-existing21 Preexistent20 Preexisting21 Prefixation23 Price-fixing26 Prophylaxis28 Proximately25 Pyrrhuloxia26 Radiogalaxy23 Reflexively27 Reflexivity27 Reflexology25 Relaxations18 Retroflexed22 Saxophonist23 Sexagesimal21 Sexlessness18 Sexologists19 Sexualities18 Six-membered25 Sixth-former26 Sixty-fourth27 Stylostixis21 Subluxation20 Suffixation24 Tax-increase20 Taxidermist21 Taxonomical22 Taxonomists20 Thiothixene24 Thirty-sixth27 Toxicognath24 Toxicologic23 Toxophilite23 Transsexual18 Twenty-sixth27 Underexpose21 Unexcitable22 Unexclusive23 Unexhausted22 Unexpansive23 Unexplained21 Unexploited21 Unexpressed21 Unorthodoxy25 Unperplexed23 Vexatiously24 Vexillology25 Wax-chandler27 Xanthelasma23 Xanthomonad24 Xanthophyll29 Xenogenesis19 Xerographic26 Xylophonist26
Arm Exercise Axial Motion Axial Muscle Barium Oxide Bayberry Wax Box Tortoise Box White Oak Boxing Glove Boxing Match Carnauba Wax Cement Mixer Cervix Uteri Cola Extract Convex Shape Copper Oxide Dispatch Box Double Helix Driving Axle Duplex House Ex Post Facto Exercise Set Exhaust Hood Exhaust Pipe Express Mail External Ear Facial Index Fall Equinox Ferric Oxide Fireman's Axe Fixed Charge Fixing Agent Flaxseed Oil Flux Density Fluxing Lime Fox Squirrel Gasoline Tax Generation X Good Example Hydroxy Acid Hydroxyl Ion Index Finger Index Fossil Index Number Indirect Tax Ion Exchange Lap Of Luxury Leg Exercise Leg Extensor Legal Expert Lemonade Mix Light Reflex Luxury Liner Make Relaxed Medical Exam Midterm Exam Motor Ataxia Motor Cortex Mountain Box Myxoma Virus Nerve Plexus Neutron Flux Nitric Oxide Nuisance Tax Ox-eyed Daisy Paraffin Wax Phlox Family Phoenix Tree Pony Express Property Tax Radiant Flux Red Bordeaux Reflex Angle Renal Cortex Sex Activity Sex Offender Sexual Abuse Sexual Union Shooting Box Solar Plexus Spotted Lynx State Of Flux Stuffing Box Sulfur Oxide Syntax Error Tax Assessor Tax Write-off Text Edition Textile Mill Transfer Tax Voix Celeste Vox Angelica Written Text Xanthic Acid