10 Letter Words That Start With 'O'

Find all the 10-letter words in the English language that start with O.

There are 281 10-letter words that begin with O.
There are 0 10-letter abbreviations that begin with O.
There are 99 10-letter phrases that begin with O.
Obdurately16 Obediently16 Obfuscated18 Obfuscates17 Obituaries12 Objections21 Objectives24 Objectless21 Oblateness12 Obligation13 Obligatory16 Obligingly17 Obliterate12 Oblongness13 Obnubilate14 Obsequious21 Observable17 Observably20 Observance17 Obsessions12 Obstetrics14 Obstinance14 Obstructed15 Obstructer14 Obstructor14 Obtainable14 Obtainment14 Obtuseness12 Occasional14 Occasioned15 Occidental15 Occupation16 Occurrence16 Oceanfront15 Oceangoing14 Oceanology16 Ochlocracy22 Ochronosis15 Octahedral16 Octahedron16 Octangular13 Octothorpe17 Oculomotor14 Odd-pinnate14 Odiousness11 Odontalgia12 Odontiasis11 Odontology15 Oecumenism16 Oenologist11 Oesophagus16 Oestradiol11 Oestrogens11 Offensives19 Officially21 Officiated19 Off-licence20 Off-putting19 Off-the-cuff27 Off-the-rack25 Off-the-wall22 Oftentimes15 Oil-bearing13 Oil-soluble12 Old-maidish17 Oleaginous11 Oleophilic17 Oleophobic19 Oligarchic18 Oligoclase13 Olive-brown18 Olive-green14 Olive-sized23 Omeprazole23 Ommatidium17 Omnipotent14 Omniscient14 Omnivorous15 Oncologist13 One-quarter19 One-seventh16 Onesidedly15 One-sidedly15 One-twelfth19 One-year-old14 Onomastics14 Onslaughts14 On-the-scene15 Oophoritis15 Opalescent14 Opaqueness21 Openhanded17 Open-hearth18 Openminded16 Open-minded16 Open-source14 Operations12 Operatives15 Operculate14 Ophiolatry18 Ophthalmia20 Ophthalmic22 Oppositely17 Opposition14 Oppositive17 Oppressing15 Oppression14 Oppressive17 Oppressors14 Opprobrium18 Optimality17 Optimisers14 Optimising15 Optimistic16 Optionally15 Orange-hued15 Orangeness11 Orangewood15 Orangutang12 Orangutans11 Oratorical12 Orbiculate14 Orchestral15 Orchestras15 Orchiopexy27 Ordinances13 Ordinarily14 Ordination11 Oregonians11 Organelles11 Organicism15 Organisers11 Organising12 Organismal13 Organismic15 Organizing21 Orientable12 Orientated11 Orientates10 Originally14 Originated12 Originates11 Originator11 Orimulsion12 Ornamental12 Ornamented13 Ornateness10 Orneriness10 Ornithopod16 Ornithosis13 Oropharynx25 Orphanages16 Orphanhood19 Orthoclase15 Orthoepist15 Orthogonal14 Orthopedic18 Orthoptics17 Orthoptist15 Orthoscope17 Oscheocele17 Oscillated13 Oscillates12 Oscillator12 Osculation12 Osmiridium15 Ossiculate12 Ossiferous13 Ostensible12 Ostensibly15 Osteoblast12 Osteoclast12 Osteologer11 Osteolysis13 Osteopaths15 Osteopathy18 Osteophyte18 Ostracised13 Otherworld17 Otterhound14 Outbalance14 Outclassed13 Outfielder14 Outfitters13 Outfitting14 Outflanked18 Outflowing17 Outgeneral11 Outgrowing15 Outgrowths17 Outlandish14 Outnumbers14 Out-of-doors14 Outpatient12 Outperform17 Outpointed13 Outpouring13 Outputting13 Outrageous11 Outshining14 Outstation10 Outweighed18 Outwitting14 Outworking18 Oval-bodied17 Oval-shaped19 Oven-shaped19 Overacting16 Overactive18 Overburden16 Overcharge19 Overclothe18 Overcoming18 Overcooked20 Overdosing15 Overdrafts17 Overeating14 Overexpose22 Overextend21 Overflight20 Overflowed20 Overflying20 Overgreedy18 Overground15 Overgrowth20 Overhanded18 Overhauled17 Overheated17 Overlapped18 Overlaying17 Overloaded15 Overlooked18 Overmantel15 Overmaster15 Overmodest16 Overplayed19 Overpowers18 Overpraise15 Overpriced18 Overprints15 Overrating14 Overreacts15 Overrefine16 Over-refine16 Overridden15 Overriding15 Overruling14 Overseeing14 Overshadow20 Overshoots16 Oversights17 Overspread16 Overstated14 Overstates13 Overstrain13 Overstress13 Overstrung14 Oversupply20 Overtakers17 Overtaking18 Overthetop18 Over-the-top18 Overthrown19 Overthrows19 Overturned14 Overvalued17 Overweight20 Overwhelms21 Overwinter16 Overworked21 Overwrites16 Ovipositor15 Ownerships18 Oxford-gray25 Oxford-grey25 Oxidizable29 Oxybenzene31 Oxycephaly30 Oxygenated22 Oyster-fish19 Oysterfish19
Object Ball Object Code Object Lens Oblong Leaf Oboe D'amore Obtuse Leaf Occult Arts Ocean Floor Ocean Liner Ocean Perch Octal Digit Offer Price Off The Cuff Off The Hook Oil Company Oil Furnace Oil Painter Old Country Olde Worlde Olive Brown Olive Green On All Fours On Approval One And Only One At A Time One Hundred One-man Rule One Percent Onion Bagel Onion Bread Onion Louse Onion Plant On Occasion On The Fence On The Loose On The Table On The Whole Onyx Marble Open Letter Open Secret Open Sesame Opera Cloak Opera House Opium Poppy Opium Taker Opossum Rat Optic Nerve Optic Tract Oral Cancer Oral Cavity Oral Herpes Orange Peel Orange Rind Orange Soda Orange Tree Orange Zest Orchid Tree Ordeal Bean Ordeal Tree Order Paper Oreo Cookie Organ Donor Organic Law Orphan Site Oscine Bird Os Frontale Os Hyoideum Ottava Rima Otter Hound Otter Shrew Ouija Board Out And Away Outdoor Man Outer Space Out Of Doors Out Of Place Out Of Print Out Of Reach Out Of Sight Out Of Stock Out Of Whack Output File Oval Window Overcup Oak Oxalic Acid Oxblood Red Oxeye Daisy Oxford Gray Oxford Grey Oxtail Soup Oxygen Acid Oxygen Debt Oxygen Mask Oyster Bank Oyster Crab Oyster Fish Oyster Park Oyster Stew Ozone Layer