10 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 309 10-letter words with X in.
There are 0 10-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 95 10-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Affixation23 Aldohexose21 Alexandria18 Amphimixis26 Anglo-Saxon18 Annexation17 Anticlimax21 Antitoxins17 Anxiolytic22 Asexuality20 Asphyxiate25 Autosexing18 Bobbysoxer26 Carboxylic26 Cefadroxil23 Cefotaxime24 Cephalexin24 Chatterbox24 Chemotaxis24 Chickenpox30 Circumflex26 Coexistent19 Coexisting20 Commixture23 Complexify29 Complexion23 Complexity26 Connexions19 Contextual19 Convexness22 Cross-index20 Crucifixes24 Detoxicate20 Dextrality21 Dextrorsal18 Dextrously21 Dominatrix20 Doxologies19 Exacerbate21 Exactitude20 Exaggerate19 Exaltation17 Examinable21 Exasperate19 Excavating23 Excavation22 Excavators22 Exceedance22 Excellence21 Excellency24 Exceptions21 Excerption21 Exchangers23 Exchanging24 Excitation19 Excitative22 Excitatory22 Excitement21 Excitingly23 Exclaiming22 Exclusions19 Excogitate20 Excrescent21 Excruciate21 Exculpated22 Excursions19 Excusatory22 Execration19 Executable21 Executions19 Executives22 Exegetical20 Exemptions21 Exenterate17 Exercising20 Exhalation20 Exhausting21 Exhaustion20 Exhaustive23 Exhibiting23 Exhibition22 Exhibitors22 Exhilarate20 Exhumation22 Exigencies20 Existences19 Exobiology23 Exocentric21 Exodontics20 Exodontist18 Exomphalos24 Exonerated18 Exonerates17 Exorbitant19 Exorcising20 Exothermal22 Exothermic24 Exotically22 Exoticness19 Expandable22 Expandible22 Expansible21 Expansions19 Expatriate19 Expectable23 Expectancy26 Expedience22 Expediency25 Expedients20 Expediting21 Expedition20 Expendable22 Experience21 Experiment21 Expertness19 Expiration19 Expiratory22 Explaining20 Expletives22 Explicable23 Explicated22 Explicitly24 Exploiters19 Exploiting20 Exploitive22 Explorable21 Explosions19 Explosives22 Exportable21 Exposition19 Expositive22 Expository22 Expounding21 Expressage20 Expressing20 Expression19 Expressive22 Expressway25 Expulsions19 Expunction21 Expurgated21 Expurgator20 Exsanguine18 Extendable20 Extendible20 Extensible19 Extensions17 Extenuated18 Externally20 Extinction19 Extinguish21 Extirpable21 Extracting20 Extraction19 Extractive22 Extradited19 Extradural18 Extralegal18 Extramural19 Extraneous17 Extrasolar17 Extremists19 Extricable21 Extricated20 Extroverts20 Extrusions17 Exuberance21 Exultantly20 Exultation17 Exultingly21 Fixer-upper24 Fluoxetine20 Forty-sixth26 Foxhunting24 Fraxinella20 Glyoxaline21 Googolplex21 Hemothorax25 Heterodoxy24 Heterotaxy23 Hexahedron24 Hexangular21 Hexenbesen22 Homosexual22 Hydroxides25 Hypozeuxis34 Indexation18 Inexorable19 Inexorably22 Inexpertly22 Inexpiable21 Inexplicit21 Inflexible22 Inflexibly25 Inflexions20 Infliximab24 Inheritrix20 Intermixed20 Intoxicant19 Intoxicate19 Juxtaposed27 Juxtaposes26 Lexicalise19 Lexicalize28 Lexicology23 Luxuriance19 Matchboxes26 Maxillaria19 Maximality24 Maximation21 Maximilian21 Maximising22 Maximizing31 Mid-sixties20 Mixed-blood23 Mixologist20 Myxobacter26 Myxomycete29 Naltrexone17 Neurotoxic19 Neurotoxin17 Next-to-last17 Nonlexical19 Nontaxable19 Orchiopexy27 Oropharynx25 Overexpose22 Overextend21 Oxford-gray25 Oxford-grey25 Oxidizable29 Oxybenzene31 Oxycephaly30 Oxygenated22 Parallaxes19 Parapraxis21 Paroxetime21 Paroxysmal24 Paroxytone22 Peroxidase20 Perplexing22 Perplexity24 Phytotoxin25 Plexiglass20 Pleximeter21 Pleximetry24 Postexilic21 Prolixness19 Proximally24 Pyridoxine23 Pyroxyline25 Quadruplex29 Reboxetine19 Reflexions20 Relaxation17 Relaxingly21 Saxicoline19 Saxicolous19 Saxophones22 Separatrix19 Seventy-six23 Sex-limited20 Sex-starved21 Sextillion17 Sextuplets19 Six-pointed20 Six-shooter20 Sixty-eight24 Sixty-fifth29 Sixty-seven23 Sixty-three23 Submaxilla21 Superoxide20 Taxability22 Taxonomies19 Taxonomist19 Textuality20 Texturally20 Thyrotoxic25 Toxicology23 Transexual17 Transfixed21 Trihydroxy27 Undersexed19 Unexacting20 Unexamined20 Unexampled22 Unexceeded21 Unexcelled20 Unexciting20 Unexpanded21 Unexpected22 Unexpended21 Unexploded21 Unexplored20 Unextended19 Unorthodox21 Untextured18 Ununhexium22 Uxoriously20 Xanthophyl28 Xanthopsia22 Xenogeneic20 Xenophobia24 Xenophobic26 Xerodermia20 Xerography26 Xerophytic27 Xerostomia19
Axle Grease Batter's Box Bend Dexter Billet Doux Boxing Ring Brownie Mix Common Lynx Convex Lens Council Tax Deposit Box Desert Lynx Devil's Flax Epoxy Resin Ex Cathedra Exhaust Fan Export Duty Express Joy Extra Large Extra Point Factor XIII False Calyx Fireman's Ax Fixed Costs Flax Family Folie A Deux For Example Fox Hunting Fox Terrier Gas Fixture Give The Axe Gondang Wax Helix Angle Icebox Cake In Extremis Journal Box Latex Paint Lens Cortex License Tax Mineral Wax Mixed Drink Mixing Bowl Musical Box Next Friend Onyx Marble Oxalic Acid Oxblood Red Oxeye Daisy Oxford Gray Oxford Grey Oxtail Soup Oxygen Acid Oxygen Debt Oxygen Mask Packing Box Pate A Choux Penalty Box Plant Toxin Prairie Fox Price Index Proxy Fight Raccoon Fox Real Matrix Rex Begonia Ricin Toxin Sacred Text School Text Sex Hormone Sex Linkage Sex Offense Sexual Love Sexual Urge Shellac Wax Sixth Sense Sphinx Moth Squeeze Box Stock Index Tax Benefit Tax Bracket Tax Evasion Tax Program Tax Revenue Tax Shelter Taxi Dancer Tea Tortrix Text Editor Thumb Index Toxic Shock Toxic Waste Unit Matrix Vortex Vein Wax Begonia Western Axe Witness Box X-OR Circuit XOR Circuit